Thursday, June 10, 2010


I think I came through surgery with flying colors.....I had the same surgery done to my other knee last year-so I pretty much knew what to expect.

I don't remember it hurting this much though......I'm not one for taking any pain meds if I don't have to- I figure that masking the pain isn't the best thing to do as it would be easy to injure my knee further if it doesn't hurt.

Having said that- I've been sucking down Oxycodin like it's going out of hurts like a MFer. At this point I've been up most of the night, I have a doctor appt at 830....I'm pretty sure I'll be sleeping most of the day afterwards.

Still not used to our son having his drivers license...kinda weird when he goes out for a movie with his best friend Sophie and nobody has to pick him up or take him.

He is doing a great job driving so far-he's getting smoother the more he drives. I want to get him out to an empty parking lot on a rainy day so he can play around with how the anti-lock brakes engage. He older sister drives like I do, she isn't reckless-but if she can go 10 mph over the speed limit safely.....she will.

Our son, on the other hand is under strict instructions to not exceed the speed limit under any circumstances. I think he pretty much sticks to that because he knows that if he screws up just once (speeding ticket, at fault accident, etc) he loses his driving privileges. Not many 16 year olds get the use of a car with as few restrictions as we are giving our son.

Honestly, I don't think I have anything to worry about....he's a good kid.

till later.

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