Friday, June 04, 2010

This is a "go see"

Saw this trailer on one of my favorite fellow bike bloggers. Ray rides about as much as I do and he pretty much lives the kind of life I'd like to....minus all the dog hair.

I love stuff like that.....shit blows up, people and things do weird shit, kind of movie.

On the driving front- our son completed his first 24 hours as a licensed driver without mowing down any crowds of pedestrians....I'll take that as a win. knee hurts like a MF'er in case you were wondering.

I'm the only person in my department that's currently on the injured roster but I still got 16 hours scheduled overtime on a holiday week.

I'm not complaining..(I absolutely adore money).... I sorta wished I wouldn't have volunteered to work so many damn hours this week.

But then again......I gotta go back to the previous sentence- I really like having a few extra bucks to spend on my it's worth the pain.

Our daughters college don't pay for itself and now that our 16 year old son is, I really don't wanna see that first insurance bill.

Last night at work.....a customer wanted me to decorate them a cake with an Hawaiian luau theme. I had to explain to them that while I know how to decorate cakes.....I just didn't have the time to do something like that on such short notice and too be honest- I'm not that good of a cake woulda turned out like a Hawaiian themed tsunami cake.

One other thing......what the hell happened to people at least giving a slight shit about how they look and smell when they go out in public?

I may be expecting too much at 2 in the morning but if I can smell your body odor from behind our sales counter and you are a good 6 feet away from me and you look like you just shit your pants....somebody needs to hit the shower more then once a week.

till later.

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