Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I like donuts..........

I'm sitting here in front of the computer.............eating donuts.

I didn't make them since I'm on vacation, I bought them from a place I used to work at. Not sure if they are the best donuts in the world, but they are pretty damn close.

They are better then Krispy Kreme for sure.

It was a great place to work and I loved working there but the hours were killer. I worked 12 hour shifts......1 shift 7 AM to & PM, 1 shift 7PM to 7 AM and 2 shifts 1PM to 1 AM.

Great job and great people but the hours sucked.

This is a good read. I never really thought about the "color" codes like that before, the guy makes a lot of sense.

I think we should use the "SPOT" technique described at the end of this article. Sounds like racial profiling and I guess it probably is, but mom, dad, the kids and grandma ain't bombing stuff.

Here's a's mostly young Middle Eastern men.

Sure, it's not fair to just pick on them but when almost all the terrorists in the past have been young Middle Eastern men.........they are going to get added attention when they fly. Fair or not.

I've read that Robin Williams is in rehab for alcohol abuse, sure hope he works things out. His latest movie looks like it will be good.

WAKA. Damn, that looks like fun.

Bob Barker doesn't like to be touched.......and he doesn't have a whole helluva lot of patience either.

I'm a geek and a repressed motorhead. I love this computer modeled after one of my favorite cars.

Here's the dumbest thing I've seen today. Quitting smoking was the 3rd best thing I ever did. Number 1 of course was marrying my lovely wife and number 2 would be our children. There are more graphs here.

I have a reader or two that lives in Portland.

This guy is a dick.

Kinda looks like "Just Say No" ain't working too good.

President Bush is visiting my town later today. Lovely. The traffic should be a total clusterf*** most of the day. I like how one of our daily papers focuses on the visit and the other bitches about the traffic. He was here in 2004 and they closed the main east/west route through York County for several hours. I don't think he won many friends that day.

0 to 60 in 4 seconds and no gasoline? Somebody give me $100,000 real quick. Actually, I'd like the same battery and motor technology installed in my mini van. 0 to 60 in 4 seconds in a minivan would be bitchin'.

Till later.

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