Monday, August 28, 2006

Less is more...........

Well, not really.........but.....

You'll be seeing less posts here now that high school has started back up.

Daniel is going into 8th grade this year and my sleep schedule changes slightly when school is in session.

That and the fact that I will be spending time getting a business plan together for my soon to be consulting firm means less time to play around on the computer.

Consulting firm?

Damn, that sounds kinda grown up, doesn't it?

Not sure that's what I will end up calling it but saying "I take spyware and stuff out of your computer and help you understand things" sounds a little too simplistic.

Anybody have any ideas?

Our son has volunteered to help me, I'm gonna cut him in 50/50 with the profits after expenses but I am going to make him save 50% of his cut for education related stuff.

I used to cut grass, deliver papers and work at an auction house when I was 13 for spending money.......he's going to do some computer work and help with bookkeeping for some pocket money.

Times have sure have changed, but I'm not complaining-any time you can hang out with your kids and make money at the same's all good. I told him he can be the executive vice-president and if he plays his cards right...........he might be a hundredaire next year.

Till later.

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