Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hey Dad....................

I think I broke something.............

Yup, sure enough our 12 year old is now the proud new owner of a fractured elbow. He took a fall while using his Razor board last night. One good thing, at least it was his left elbow so he will still be able to write and do homework......................

Looks like the President got the "Let's conserve" message out. Maybe if we drove more fuel efficient vehicles? I know that some folks actually need 3 ton SUV's to tow horse trailers, travel trailers, etc.

Most folks like myself?

Something smaller usually suffices.

I have mini-van powered by a 3 liter V-6 that gets 20 miles to the gallon. Sure I could get something smaller but it wouldn't seat 7 people and I have the need to transport that many people from time to time.

Bush needs to get a set of balls and set firm mpg standards for the automobile industry. Bigger isn't always better, we should make folks that want to drive 3 ton SUV's that get poor mpg numbers pay through the nose for the privilege.

Wanna get something that big? Make it available with a small turbo-diesel. Need a big honkin' V-8 in there? Pay an extra 10 grand in gas guzzler tax. Or get one of these.

York County is in the news again. Yay. Religion in public schools? Bad, bad idea. Public schools are paid for with taxpayer money so I think religion and government should be seperate.

Ya wanna go to school? Go to a school.

Want to go to church? Yup, you got it-go to a church.

Having said that, my wife and I happen to think that religion should be part of our children's education so that's why we pay for our kids to go to private school. Am I some kind of religious nut? Nope, not even close-the quality of the education at most privately funded schools is quite a bit better then what is available at public schools.

Since my wife and I only made 2 kids, we want them to turn out real good.

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Kinda neat cartoon. I stole it from a fellow blogger that lives and rides in Alaska.

Greedy bastards of the day award. And the dumb bastard of the day.

Been riding almost "zero" miles on the old bicycle. Between work, visiting my aunt in the hospital, and doing whatever................I have the grand total of 1 ride in the past week. Kind of disappointing but the aren't peeling up the roads or trails anytime soon, so I know I'll make it out more soon. I certainly hope so as my fitness level fell off a cliff this summer.

I am so damn glad I don't live in the "Bible Belt" I guess if I auger my mountain bike into a tree it's because I pissed God off and he's showing me who's boss ? .........If that's the case-"He" woulda did it a long time ago.

Only one question. Why? His arms are so big, he looks deformed. Whatever, people say that about my forehead too.............

Till later.

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