Friday, October 21, 2005

IE 6 blows..........

I read this newsletter every week because I like to stay up to date on spyware issues. Most, but not all spyware issues pertain to IE 6. I haven't used IE 5 or 6 for years. The only time I use it is when a website won't run on Firefox...............which isn't very often nowadays.

Firefox isn't the easiest thing to set up (but it ain't that hard) because you have to download and install plug-ins for it (flash, shockwave,etc). It is way more customizable then IE however, you just have to "explore" a little bit. (yeah, I know-bad pun alert) If all you want to do is browse porn sites, use IE-you deserve the spyware that will be automatically downloaded onto your computer.

I have about a dozen "extensions" installed on my build of Firefox, I don't see any pop-ups, banner ads, pop-unders or and slider ads. In fact, if I see an ad I don't like, all I have to do is click a little tab at the bottom of the ad and I'll never see it again.


All kinds of extensions are available, you can even keep track of your cell minutes on your T-Mobile account.

Now all I have to do is get rid of the 40 or 50 spam messages I get daily on my Yahoo mail account. To be fair, my Yahoo e mail addy is my "junk" e mail address, everytime I have to register for something or other- my Yahoo e-mail gets used.

I'm toying with the idea about moving this blog over to MSN, any fellow bloggers have any experience with MSN blogs? I actually have a MSN blog started but I want to play around with the layout some, right now I am not that familiar with it.

The only thing that turns me off to this point is the fact that their "word verification" for comments is even more of a clusterfuck then Blogger's is. I need new glasses or something, it took me a couple of tries to get something to post. I must be a retard.

Reading articles like this, scare the living shit out of me. Maybe the cyclist in the article was fairly new to cycling or something. I know when I ride in traffic, I ride like I am part of traffic and not an obstacle to be ridden around but......If I knew there was a soccer mom in a 3 ton SUV in the local vicinity bearing down on my rear wheel.............I'd get the hell out of it's way. Eye contact goes a long way...............

A fellow bike blogger has come up with what I think is an excellent idea. Sure, I'd like more trails and stuff but I don't think government should be paying for them in the first place. The less government....the better.

Sometimes being morbidly obese kinda sucks.

Just imagine what's gonna happen to this poor bastard when his jailhouse "buddies" find out why he's there. He's gonna be walkin' funny for a long time.

I used to smoke. It was a real bitch to quit, so I think this is a great idea. You wanna kill yourself? Go ahead, as long as I don't have to help pay for it.

Holy crap, I gotta get in on this new fad. What the hell? Did this reporter just wake up from a 5 year long nap?

If I ever have to go back to dial-up...........shoot me.

Here is one of my all-time favorite videos. Before you click on the NSFW link, ask yourself this.........Am I narrow-minded about religion or politics? If you yourself some aggravation and skip it. If this guy ends up burning in hell, I'll be right next to him because it's exactly how I feel. If you are close minded about religion and politics and you clicked on the link anyways......... and I know you did...............whaddya think? Does the guy have a point or what?

This might be a witch-hunt, but let's face it........the guy is a sleezeball. As are most of the residents of the White House.

Oh yeah, this is a real shocker. Budweiser must be stunned.

Those damn Christians know how to ruin every holiday don't they? Oh, by the way, if you are reading this and you are my mom..........the website in the link is a satire web site so don't get too upset, your son hasn't turned into a devil worshipper. For those of you that don't mom does read this blog.

Love ya mom:-)

Mike from Banjo Brothers e-mailed me and asked me if I would like to test out something from his 2006 line of products.........heck yeah I would!
Image Hosted by
That 2000 cubic inch messenger bag looks way, way awesome.

2000 cubic inches?

Good Gawd, that's gotta be huge. Send me one of those and our 18 year daughter and I can fight over who gets to use it!

Gonna be switching the Cross-Check over to winter mode this weekend. That means the cross tires, rack and light mounts get installed. I love the way it looks with those 700x45 fatties and fenders.

I'll post up some pics after I get it switched over. I love going for road rides at night in the fall, I usually head out for some lightly traveled roads nearby and ride for an hour or two. I run a 10 watt light on my bars, a 3 beam LED on my helmet, 2 rear blinkies and I wear one of those highway worker orange vests with reflective tape all over it.

I look like a total geek but it's worth it, to make sure Billy Joe Bob in his pick-up sees me.

Gotta go, time to get our 12 year old up and ready for school...........

Till later and thanks for reading.

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