Friday, October 28, 2005


Mike from Banjo Brothers sent me this because he knows I work in food service..............

It's just flat out nasty. Our store displays products in the "self-serve" type of display cases. Never ever, ever, EVER buy product from these kinds of displays. You don't know if some 8 year old with a runny nose sneezed on your bagel or donut before you bought it.

Or sprinkled shit on it like the guy in the article.

I take sanitation very seriously, I probably wash my hands dozens of times during the course of an evening at work-you can never be to clean when it comes to mass food prep.

I also take retail theft very seriously-caught another one last night, it's hard to weasel out of it nowadays since our store has about a bazillion cameras located everywhere. I saw some guy hiding in a corner eating a donut in full view of an overhead video camera. Busted.

I'm a numbers geek, I was looking at the viewer figures from the site..............
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Hi to all those folks over in Europe :-)
That's pretty cool that folks from all over are reading this. Thinks! I also have to update my links, there are a few sites that link to me that I don't have listed and I always like to return the favor.

Holy crap, this article takes all the fun out of riding. Do I blow thru stop signs? Mmmmm, once and awhile when no one is looking. For road riding I guess they have a few good points, but as for mtbing? It ain't fun unless you fall off once and awhile.

Had a fun debate with a buddy at work last night concerning "sports". I told him that there aren't that many "sports"..... I feel that cycling, motor racing, bull fighting are sports and all the stick and ball stuff aren't sports-they are just games that people play in front of large groups of people.

To me-the main difference between a sport and a game is the likelihood of getting killed while you are doing it. How many guys die while they are playing baseball or football? Yeah, sure a couple do but it's always a shock when it happens. Get killed in a F1 car or descending a mountain pass at 60mph on your 17 pound bicycle?.....not as much of a surprise.

This is upsetting, thought I should pass it along. Check your drivers license... Now you can see anyone's driver's license on the internet, including your own! Not good if you are a privacy freak.

Our family has a memorial service for my Aunt Helen this Saturday so I probably won't be posting again until Monday. Thanks for reading.

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