Monday, October 24, 2005

Post number 300.........

Kinda easy to figure out the title to this post, huh? 300 posts already? Man, I sure have a lot to say about nothing.............

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Anybody ever use this? It's kind of hiss or miss as to when it's available but I downloaded it from the "support" page-check on the left hand side of the page for a link. It's worth the download-I was really sursprised at how much faster web pages download even though I am on a cable internet connection already........and it works on Firefox as well as IE 6. You can thank me later...

These bikes are sick. Check out the rear tire on that bad boy. Makes me almost ashamed to ride my store-bought Kona around the neighborhood.

I get quite a few e-mails commenting about stuff folks have seen on my blog, not all of it's nice but I have a thick skin. I am going to allow anonymous comments again for awhile to see how it works out. Go ahead and disagree with me if ya want-just try not to be too much of an asshole about it or I'll just delete your post.

I went for a ridey-ride up at Rocky Ridge Sunday instead of fooling around with my Cross-Check.
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It was a gorgeous day so who could blame me.

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