Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mail....I get and delete mail, podcasting and 2000 dead soldiers

First off, I gotta say I screwed up. I get all my Blogger related e-mail sent to my Yahoo e-mail address and I had a couple of comments saved but I accidentally deleted them thinking that they would be "archived" like my G mail account. Whoops. They weren't there when I went to get them this morning.

I did get an e-mail from Mike at Banjo Brothers letting me know that he shipped me an expandable rack-top bag for me to try out om my Cross-Check. Awesome. I'll get it installed and let ya'll know how it looks and works after this weekend.

I did get a couple folks that e-mailed me about that "Keep your Jesus off my penis" link I put up...............everybody liked it. While this isn't a "family safe" blog due to some of the content I post, I'll always try to remember to warn ya'll if something is really out there.

Some of the podcasts I am listening to lately............

-Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything
This guys is all over the place with his content-definitely an acquired taste.

-Tip From The Top Floor
This guy is from Germany and this one is all about digital photography. Since photography is a hobby of mine, I've found lots of useful tips from listening.

-The View From Here
A couple from Israel talks about daily life.

-Slate Magazine Podcasts
This is a short (5 to 10 minute) daily podcast about current events. Very well written.

-Keith and the Girl
This is the daily blog from 2 professional clowns that live in NYC. Not kid safe, family safe or anything else safe but it's funny as hell.

-Here a page with links to many Public Radio podcasts. I subscribe to at least a half-dozen of 'em.

Couple of guys with a website that talk about the stories that are submitted to them. Usually very funny.

-The PK and J Show. A couple from the midwest talk about their daily life. Not even close to being family safe.

-TWIT (This Week In Tech) Remember Leo Laport from Tech TV? He has a weekly podcast about all things tech with John C. Dovorak. and weekly guests. Kinda geeky but it's still entertaining.

-Trucker Tom
The premise of this one sounds kinda boring.......A trucker driver pretty much just says what's on his mind as he drives across the country. Sounds boring but it's actually very interesting. You might not always agree with him and every podcast is different.

I gots a bunch more but I won't bore everyone. If anyone needs any more info on podcasting, just leave a comment in the comment section. You could also e-mail me, but I think you'd be safer just commenting-I'm less likely to delete it after I read it!

Everyone check the news lately? Nah, this Administration isn't corrupt, is it? Was Clinton and company any better? Nope, not even close, but 2000 American soldiers didn't die when Bill got a hummer in the Oval Office. Say what you want about Bill Clinton, he won't be remembered as the "Worst President Ever" If any President should be impeached-it oughta be Bush. He has truly lost his mind.

Okay, enough of that crap- I wanna end this blog entry on a high note.

Thanks for reading.

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