Saturday, February 09, 2008

Family dinner........

Just a quick post......Between regular work and my computer consulting-I'm slammed this weekend, but I had to post this up-my parents will get a laugh out of this one.......

I heard this on NPR last night at work.....and it made me laugh out loud.

When I was growing up, my folks sacrificed a lot of things so my mom could stay at home when I was in elementary school. I often walked home for lunch (the school was a block away) and we always, always had family dinner.

Since I was an only first I sat in between my parents as we ate and talked about the days events.

As I got older, my mom had to move me to one end of the table out of my fathers pop and I used to (and still do) love to argue and if I guess my mom figured it was better if my dad couldn't knock me upside the head if things got too heated.

Seriously though, we would argue about the dumbest stuff and since I was just a kid, he was usually right most of the time-but it didn't stop us from "discussing" things-we both enjoyed it mom?

Not so much.

To be honest, the only argument I ever remember winning is the one where he thought diesel engines had sparkplugs. Since I was really into cars, etc-I knew that diesel engines had glowplugs and not sparkplugs.

He had a hard time with that one, he still insisted they had "plugs".....then we'd start all over again and argue about exactly what a plug was.

Drove my mom nuts.......

till later.

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