Sunday, February 03, 2008

An informal poll..........

Just curious, what would you (my faithful readers) pay to have someone come to your place of residence or business and photodocument all of your possessions for insurance purposes?

We recently changed insurance carriers and our agent suggested to us that we take digital pictures of all our valuables and store them off site in CD form.

My lovely wife thought it would be a great business to start up and I tend to agree with her because she's pretty darn smart.

I spent lots of time thinking about and researching before starting up my computer business...any thoughts out there?

My thinking is that I would go to someones house, have them take me from room to room and take as many pictures as they feel they need of all their valuables, furniture, electronics, etc.

I'd burn them to several sets of CD's and also set up a Google Photo album for each client so they could access all their pics online.

Would anyone out there pay 99 bucks for something like this?


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