Friday, February 29, 2008

Where's the truck?

You know, the truck that ran me over.....still feeling like poo. Not much of a fever, but I am sore as heck all over. Meh, things could be worse.

As I write this, over daughter is over the Atlantic Ocean on her way to Italy. My wife and I told her to take tons of pictures, hopefully I'll be able to share a few.....

1 in 100 adults are in jail? Damn, that's a lot of people.

This jackass needs to give it up. If he costs Obama the election like he cost Gore the 2000 election....someone should put him on a plane to France.

I finally figured out why I can't stand listening to Hilary.....she always sounds so damn angry. It's not "real"'s kinda like a "fake" it's an act. Maybe it's just me, but she needs to calm the hell down and lower her voice a few octaves-shrill just doesn't do it for me.

Art is everywhere....all you need is a light, some talent and your hands.

I'm digging this article...I hate tip jars.

till later.

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