Saturday, July 26, 2014

11th day out of 12.......

Today was my 11th day of a 12 day stretch of work with out a day off.


Thank God I get paid hourly.

I came home Thursday afternoon, got a shower, had dinner and then had a beer. That one beer pretty much  put me out of commission.....I was in bed and sleeping by 8 PM.

Before I nodded off......I was watching a BBC show about how bad smoking is for you. I smoked for almost 25 years....I quit 15 years ago.

Smoking will kill 1/2 of the people that do it.

I'm not sure why the fuck I ever started smoking, but I'm glad I stopped.....but I also know that the urge to smoke never goes away entirely.

I don't know if it's a similar addiction like alcohol, but I do know that if I chose to light up- I'd be hooked all over again....that ain't never gonna happen because I can't stand the smell of makes me gag when I smell it.

I don't put myself into situations where I am around cigarette smoke because I am one of those asshole former smokers that will tell you to put that shit out if you are smoking someplace where you aren't supposed to.

Looks like there are a few assholes in Congress. I'm shocked. Not really.

We damn near had a situation. Today's forecast.... 800 degrees with magnetic storms.

Best headline ever.......I just hope the damn thing doesn't land on my house. 

I don't get into politics a lot on this blog.......but this shit is just insane. I'm not taking one side or the other, but there are way too many innocent people getting killed.....and that ain't right.

Sunday should be a fun workday......gonna chip out about 8 inches of frozen ice from our rear storage freezer.

till later.

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