Saturday, July 12, 2014

People are shitting *on* trains?


Why would someone want to shit on a train? Civilization is over as we know it.

I work retail and as a result, I get to see all kinds of behavior and unfortunately....a lot of it is bad. Today for example, I saw a kid that was probably 6 or 7 years old, standing up in a shopping cart screaming their head off because he wasn't getting his way.

What does mom do?

Absolutely nothing.

Mom of the Year for sure because she probably doesn't realize how top heavy her shopping cart is with her precious little monster standing up in it. He could easily die.

What do I do?


Why? Because I used my Spidy sense and pretty much realized that super mom woulda just chewed my face off because I suggested to her how to be a better parent. I'm too old for that shit, maybe she should just strap a helmet on Junior when she takes him shopping next time....he'll probably grow up and be like this guy.

I've only flown twice in my lifetime, I bet the pilots in the plane trying to land had a little excitement for a moment or two......

My crazy next door neighbor (more on him at a later date) is a captain for a major airline.....this probably isn't that big a deal, they train for stuff like this all the time.

This blog is gonna jump around a lot.....I have varied interests. Maybe some posts might have themes like when my crazy next door neighbor uses a shop vac to clean leaves out of his shrubbery...but most of the time- I'm gonna do a lot of jumping around.

I like old school NASCAR......kind of lost interest after Alan Kulwicki and Tim Richmond died. Not that the NASCAR of today isn't good, it's just different. The chances of Jimmie Johnson pulling someone out of a car to beat the shit out of them?...pretty much zero. 25 years ago, there were at least a half dozen drivers that could (and did) use their fists to "discuss" racing techniques.

I also like photography.....I don't have a fancy camera, but like they say...the best camera you have is the one you happen to have with you. I like taking pictures while I am out on bike I'll share them as I take them. I took this one last winter. I like old barns.

I was reading this news story about the Grand Canyon when I was looking for a new wallpaper for my computers dual screen setup, seems like such a shame. My wife and her sister took mules down to the bottom a few years ago, the closest I will get is this.

I manage a bakery and I sorta know how to decorate cakes (emphasis on "sorta"-I don't do it much)..... this is an amazing cake. There is something out there I like to call the "Buddy Valastro" effect when people come to our bakery to order a cake. Ever since this show has been on, I dread it when someone comes up to our counter clutching a bunch of pictures, multi-colored ribbons and 20 different colored fabric swatches. They go on to describe some sort of engineering marvel we are supposed to create for $22.95.....those folks don't realize that Buddies cheapest 1/4 sheet "shop"cakes (the most basic of decorated cakes) start right around 50 dollars and go up sharply from there if you need any customization. Some of the cakes our awesome decorators do would sell for well over a hundred bucks if they were in a high end bakery.

We have a Five Guys less then 2 miles from our house.....they make good burgers, now it's official. When I win the lottery......this is the car I'm gonna use to pick my burgers up. 707 horsepower and 10.8 in the 1/4? Holy shit.

One of my hobbies is detailing our cars. I love to make our cars look new as long as possible. I saw this video on, this isn't the best way to detail a car. I honestly thought it was a spoof video, but this dealership in Seattle Washington sure loves to use a pressure washer inappropriately. Pro tip, never use Armour All on the interior of your car-it will eventually pull all the oils out of the interior plastics and cause them to crack if you stop using it.

This coming Monday is inventory at where I work.....least favorite day of the month-I get to count all our ingredients and manually enter them into a computer. Shoot me.

Till later.

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