Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Went for a little ride this morning.........

I was planning on riding my mountain bike this the time I was ready this morning at 7 AM-the humidity was already oppressive, so I went for a road ride on my trusty road bike.

I figured that riding road, I'd be able at least be able to go 10 or 12 mph so I'd have a breeze going the whole time I was riding versus riding mountain bike in the woods going 3 mph with no breeze.

I love taking pictures while I am out on rides, I like old derelict buildings best of all.

I took this panoramic picture of corn east of Hellam......there is a shitload of corn growing in York County.....if you get off the main roads-you'll see it.

I ended up riding about 1 1/2 hours and did about 22 miles....sure, I didn't set a world record for time or distance, the way I look at it- any bike ride where you don't end up in the hospital is a good bike ride.

I took a few hours after my ride to detail my car........I usally wash it once every week or so in the summer and I do a more detailed cleaning maybe once a month.

Here's most of the cleaners, polishes, etc I use to clean our cars.

When I do a complete detail, it takes 4 or 5 hours....starting with the inside.

-Vacuum carpet and floormats, then scrub carpet with carpet cleaner

-Clean all interior plastics

-Clean dashboard vents and cubbyholes with Q-tips

-Vacuum head liner and seats and clean if needed

-Apply low gloss protectent to all interior plastics and vinyl

-Do a final vacuum

-Clean glass

Sounds like this would take a long time....I can get the interior done in about 1/2 hour or so because it never really gets that dirty.

The outside takes a little longer if I am doing a wash and wax....the first thing I do is rinse the underside, then....

-Apply Simple Green to the wheel wells, wheels and tires. I let this sit for a minute and then scrub the wheels, tires and wheelwells. I empty the water bucket I am using and put in fresh soap for the rest of the vehicle.

-Rinse all loose dirt off the car, then starting from the top, wash the entire vehicle with car soap.

-Use a clay bar to remove any surface contaminants.

-Dry car including hood,trunk and door jambs.

-Apply car wax with my DA polisher.....I also hand wax all the door jambs. I've tried lots of waxes....this one seems to last for at least 4 months (any wax that says it last for a year is bullshit) and looks awesome especially with darker colors.

Once a year, I will polish the car with my DA buffer and a mild polishing compound. Polishing is different than waxing, when you are done polishing your car- it has absolutely nothing protecting the paint/clearcoat....that's when you apply wax to protect the paint.

-While the wax is drying, I apply this stuff to all my exterior vinyl trim. Yeah, it's expensive as hell, but this tiny bottle will do the trim on an average car at least 4 times and it lasts 6 months if you follow the directions and let it cure properly.

-After the wax has set for an hour or so, I'll put a microfiber pad on my DA polisher and take off all the wax residue and do a final wipedown with a microfiber towel and this paint detailer.

-Last thing I do is the glass and I always use wadded up newspaper (no lint) and Invisible Glass.

Yeah, I'm just a tad anal about how my car looks, since I'm gonna have it for at least 10 to 12 years- I want it to look brand new as long as possible.

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till later.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to see your riding regularly again. I contract out my car detailing and usually go for a long bike ride while it's being done. The two bird theory.