Wednesday, October 12, 2005

46 by God

I turn 46 today and I feel it.
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46? 46 on the outside and about 12 on the inside.

Holy crap, that's closer to 50 then it is to 40. Gotta get serious about dropping a few pounds and start back up working out, none of my clothes fit. The "obesity at mid-life" got my attention in this article. My pop had a heart attack when he was 50 and I ain't gonna be going down that road if I can help it.

And I'm pretty sure I can help it.

Went back to work last night after being off for a week due to my lame back. Sure would like to say I had a relaxing time last week, but I spent a good bit of it with an ice pack on my lower back. Feels a bit better but I kinda think it's gonna be awhile until it's 100%.

I forgot how much fun work is, by the time I had everything baked....... I was baked. I'm wearing one of those back support belts for at least part of my shift because it forces me to have the correct posture. I have a prescription for muscle relaxants but I hesitate to take any while I'm at work for fear of cutting a finger off or deep frying my forehead bobbing for donuts in the deep fryer.

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I suppose people have worse problems then a little lower back pain, but it sure would be nice to make it through a whole day without some sort of discomfort..........or brain damage.

Anybody see this? Horses with diapers? WTF? Do they make horse diapers? I guess if I lived there, I wouldn't appreciate a horse taking a 20 pound dump in front of my house either. Hell, I'd be out on the front yard with one of these. I have to ride through enough horseshit when I am out mtbing..............

This is some seriously cool shit. Where I live, the 3 ton SUV's with the soccer moms (or dads) on their cell phone rule the road. I didn't see any road rage in that video but there sure as hell is a lot of it around here. I see more of it when I'm driving then when I am riding my bike strangely enough.

Maybe it's because when I ride my bike, I signal all my turns and take the lane when it's too narrow for a bike and a car.

I ride my bike like I own the fucking road.

When I'm on my bike I've had people lay on the horn for me to get out of their way, they seem to lose all the bravery when I pull up to their driver side window at the next light, tap on their glass and ask them what their major malfunction is.

I suppose I get my confrontational manner from my mom, she doesn't take shit from anybody. Go ahead and piss her off, you'll see.

My Aunt Helen is not having a traditional viewing or burial service, just a memorial service in a couple of weeks. Personally, I think that's a great idea as I hate and I mean HATE going to viewings and funerals. Everyone can get together and talk about all the cool stuff my great aunt did without her body laying in a casket 10 feet away.

I don't understand the whole viewing thing, I mean if you haven't seen someone for awhile and you go to their viewing when they die.....what the hell are you supposed to say?

Oh, they look good?

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, they're dead! How the hell can someone "look good" when they ain't breathing?

When I die- I want my ashes spread on the trails I ride. I'm pretty sure that ain't legal, but I'll be out on the trails for a long time.....................

I bet even money that George Bush will be be picking someone else to be a Supreme Court justice. Maybe this time it will be someone who is a judge already. He is about a dumb SOB.

Did everyone see the video of the guy in New Orleans getting the living shit beat out of him? Cops have a tough job and NOLA cops even more so. Do I think the cops should be fired?

Why, yes I do.

I think Mr Davis is gonna have a good case for a lawsuit should he decide to go down that road. He's lucky he didn't get killed.

This means winter is on it's way. Here in Pennsylvania it goes from 70 to 35 in the span of one or two weeks and stays shitty until April. I know lots of my fellow bike bloggers are way more hardcore then I am. When's it's cold enough to freeze up my water's time to stay inside.

Go hard or go home.

I go home, thankyavurrymuch.

Did something to my computer I should have done awhile ago......... I cleaned out all the unused registry keys, dll's and old files. I used a program called Easy Cleaner and another called Crap Cleaner. Cleared out nearly a gig of unused stuff, over 100 old registry keys and my boot-up time is a lot quicker now.

It always makes me nervous when I am screwing around with the registry because I know if I mess it up, the computer might not boot back up. Let's face it-I make donuts for a living, I'm not an IT professional.

This is a good article about...........mmmm, I forget.

Recycling is bullshit. I wish we had Showtime..........If anybody wants to buy me Penn and Teller's Bullshit DVD''s the link.

Buy a Hummer and save gas. Is this a great country or what?

I entered the Powerball lottery for tonight. I think the main prize is 140 million bucks. If I win..............yeah, you guessed it..............instant retirement.

Till later and thanks for reading.


Lunatic Biker said...

Happy Birthday to my fellow 12 year old. Love the new graphic at the top of your page. You and that finger got a thing going on.

The Donut Guy said...

Hey, thanks man.

My back is feeling better, I might even do an easy ride this weekend :-)