Monday, October 03, 2005

Random thoughts (again)

I wanna a big bike like these guys.

As I get older, I am becoming attracted to more off-beat kinds of cycling. I took a ride on my chopper on Sunday and got stopped a couple of times by some young guys on skateboards and a couple of older guys who wanted a closer look at my bike.

I let the kids take a spin and one of the older guys (my age) took a ride as well. They all thought it was way cool and wanted to know where I got it and how much it was.

Goes to show you, bike riding ain't never gonna go out of style no matter what kinda bike you ride or who you are. Try to be in a bad mood while your riding a bike-you can't do it, especially if you have a chopper like mine. I grin like a 12 year old when I ride it. I guess that's why I bought it.

One of the county parks we all ride our mountain bikes in has been sabotaged by some asshole spreading staples on the trails.

Image Hosted by
Here's a picture of the staples. Notice how the bastard has twisted them so they have at least one point sticking up?

Not cool at all. We have an idea who is doing it but until someone catches him-we have to put up with it.

I don't know why people have to go through life being so angry at the world, all this person is doing is making it bad for himself because we ain't gonna stop riding the trails we helped create. Life is too damn short for stupid shit like this.

You want gun control? One shot. I'd say that's pretty good gun control.

This website tells you a lot about how government is run. Or how well it's not run.

I sure hope they don't come out with one of these for donuts. Like America isn't fat enough already. And I'm not helping any, am I?

Bad joke time.............

Jesus, hanging on the cross, says, "Peter, come here." Peter, thinking he is about to receive a profound religious truth, moves towards Jesus but the Roman soldiers push him back.

Again Jesus summons, "Peter, come here." Peter tries again, but the Roman soldiers again push him away.

Jesus summons a third time, "Peter come here." Peter gathers all of his strength and finally breaks through. Bleeding from several lance wounds, Peter says, "Yes, Master?"

Jesus looks upon Peter and says, "I can see your house from here!"

Check out Emmanuel's trip around the world. He just finished, this is a link to his last journal entry. I've been following his trip via his podcasts and it was very interesting. Some of my high school friends and I had wanted to ride our bikes across country after graduation, this trip goes way beyond something like that.

If I was a Marine, Dick Cheney would be about the last person I would want to see.

If I lived in New Orleans, this would definitely suck. I couldn't imagine how badly my house would stink after it was submerged in sewage and then baked for 4 weeks at 9o degrees. I think I would just move somewhere else and start over.

You are really gonna have to be a geek to dig this site, all kinds of high speed camera action.

Last link for today, this is too cool for words. I really like Cleverchimp's bike.

That's about it for today, looks like I am gonna have some spare time this week, my sacro-illiac is acting up again, so I might be taking a few days off of work and riding. I have something like 8 or 9 weeks of accumulated sick pay........looks like it's time to use some of it.

Till later and thanks for reading.

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Lunatic Biker said...

I'll be catching a flight out to PA shortly so we can set up a stakeout to catch the scoundrel. As long as you bring the donuts :)