Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bike Riding Computer Guy.........

Gonna try my hand at fixing a friends computer.

Evidently, it has some sort of virus and more then likely has some adware/malware/crapware on it as well. I'm not sure what'll I'll find or if I can even fix it but if I can-it will save him from spending money getting it repaired.

This computer is so locked down I rarely see any banner ads, pop-up or pop under ads, google sense ads or even half the ads in most webpages. Nothing can modify my start-up list, my host file, install anything or phone home or anything else unless I am dumb enough to give it permission.

I got the Blaster worm when it came out and learned my lesson. I run Spyware Search and Destroy, Browser Hijacker Blaster, Ad Aware, Microsoft's antispyware, Norton anti virus, Outpost firewall, Crap Cleaner and I use a router.

Sure, nothing is foolproof-but I'd rather be safe then sorry. Or at least as safe as possible.

How small is small? How far is far? Find out here.

I like the way this guy thinks.

Saw this over on Cycle Dog's blog. Papers please? I don't like it one bit.

You want to see some nice pictures of the Colorado sunrise? Ptelea claims she's an amateur, but she has some pretty darn good composition skills. I like the way she frames her shots. And she has a pretty good blog as well.

Talking about composition...........here's a composite picture of the Earth at night.

We have 2 kids to send to college. This won't make them or us very happy.

I know a few of my fellow bike bloggers are really into not driving cars. I'm totally cool with that, but as long as I can afford the gas-I'm going to drive because I feel that if I rode every where I needed to go-I'd have way less time to spend with my family. I use my vehicle as a tool to save time. If I could save time riding a bike to work instead of driving-I'd do it.

Maybe if I had a car like this-I'd be able to spend even more time with them. 1.4 million bucks? 1002 horsepower? Over 200 mph? Mmmm, maybe that's a little bit of overkill.

Don't get me wrong here, I enjoy listening to Enya, but I think she oughta lay off the black hash for awhile. A new language? Whatever, I'm sure I'll enjoy her new stuff.

Bush sends out free turkeys. Or not.

Here's another site that links to me, I always try to return the favor by linking back. Thanks!

Lots of Google Maps. For all kinds of things.

Gonna go read the new Circuit City catalog before I hit the sack, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Check out HijackThis. It shows registry entries where virus and spyware that take over stuff might be. There are a couple of sites that have analyzers for the logs that it makes.

Ptelea said...

Thanks for the compliments George. As soon as I figure out how, I will link to your blog from mine. I look forward to reading yours everyday.

The Donut Guy said...

Thanks for the heads up Mark, I have Hijack This loaded onto a CD ready to install on my friends computer but the virus has disabled the CD-Rom drive and internet access. Nice huh?

Hey Ptelea, if you haven't figured it out in a couple days, send me you e-mail address and I can walk you through it.

It's not hard:-)