Monday, November 21, 2005

You know, I'm not the smartest guy in the world....

You know, I'm not the smartest guy in the world........but it sure seems like the folks in Washington are playing games. Holy shit together for a change.

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I took this picture last summer at our son's 12th birthday party. I put my digital camera on manual and I actually took something like 50 shots at various exposures and apertures. I have a larger version on my Flickr account. I think I might have posted this before so sorry for the repeat, but it's one of my favorite pics.

Go ahead and see if you can get your head around 4 dimensions.

Wanna go shopping on Black Friday? Here's a list of stores and sales. I know there are lots of good sales out there, but I can't deal with all the crowds.

Here's a nifty test you can do to see how fast your upload and download speed is.

Time to go pick cotton? WTF? I think the parent has every right to be upset.

You know what totally pisses me off when I read this article? The fact that a passing motorist thought it was their business to call the police.

Would I make one of my kids do that?

Very unlikely, but the kid on the corner with the sign probably learned a lesson. The lesson? Put more effort in at school and act like a responsible teenager or she'll have to stand on the corner again.

I like this. I think I'll get some and have them handed out at my memorial service, only I'm gonna fart into mine.

Underwear go on the inside. SFW video on a NSFW website. I had someone ask me what SFW and NSFW is..........Safe For Work.........Not Safe For Work.

This is retarded. For as much money as we are spending over in Iraq, you would think Washington could come up with a prescription plan that normal people can understand.

My son would like to do this for a living. As long as he gets a college degree-I'd be okay with it.

Got this from the Dirt Rag newsletter. Anybody been there? It's not that far from where I live.

I was out of high school for 2 years when this came out. Check out those fashions, I'm still not done looking at everything..........I like the Atari 400 the best so far.

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This guy knows how to recycle.

I was on a mtb ride Sunday morning down at Lake Redman.......great ride. I think something 15 riders showed up and we rode about 2 1/2 hours. I seem to do a lot of solo riding in the fall and the winter, it was great to see everybody.

I did think to bring my camera along and I managed to get a few shots off, they are here on my Flickr account.

I like this picture, I took a series of 5 pictures and stitched them together. Click on the "all sizes" button right above the picture to get a larger version.

This guy here is one of the fastest riders I know, but you'd never know it when he's out on a social ride-he hangs out with us slow guys and the beginners. Helluva nice guy.

99% of the guys I ride with are just as nice as he is, I roll with a very nice group of people.

That's about it for now-gonna go fit a ride in this morning before the rain rolls in.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Feh on the breath thing.

Get a diamond.

The Donut Guy said...

Holy crap Todd, I checked out the prices for one of those "diamonds" and I could get me a nice stable of bikes for the same money.

God forbid my wifes passes before I do *but* if she does.........I'm getting the bikes:-)

The Old Bag said...

OK now, those "gems" are just plain weird -- part of my sweetie's remains placed into the setting of my choice and worn around my finger?!? Creepy!

...and carrying around someone's breath?! Gimme a photo for my wallet and call it done!


Anonymous said...

The day I get grades as low as that girl with the sign will be...well...I don't know when. If my grades ever slip that low, I'll have a reason for it other than just slacking off.

Ptelea said...


I'm pretty sure I left this comment yesterday but well...

Thank you for posting the photos - I love to see them. Do you mind telling me what kind of camera you use? Could it be a digital SLR?

Also, really found the Bike 2 Pike link fascinating - I would like to know more. I love abandoned places and things - they kind of haunt me.

The Donut Guy said...

Hiya Ptelea, I use a Sony DSC W-5. It's a fairly small camera with a nicely sized 2 inch LCD screen for my 46 year old bifocal equipped eyes:-)

It has full manual control, full auto and semi-auto plus a bunch of "mode" settings.

It's 5 megapixels which I have found is *plenty*, in fact all the pics on my Flickr account are using the smallest megapixel size which is about 480x640.

I use Google's free photo editing software (Picassa) and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 for most of my photo editing. I have a couple other editing programs that do one thing or another really well,so I use them from time to time as well.

Hope that helps!