Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving....some folks are assholes-some aren't

Everybody should have to work retail for 2 weeks in their life and those 2 weeks should be the week around Thanksgiving and the week around Christmas.


Just to see how it feels to be treated like 3rd class citizen.

I'm usually a fairly positive person but I do have this observation..........

Some people can be real assholes.

Some shoppers need to get a clue-if you go shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner at 3 AM to beat the are gonna see lots of empty spaces on the shelves. So don't be pissed off at me because we're out of your favorite bread and pumpkin pies and I don't have all the display cases full of product-it's 3 AM for God's sake.

Come back at a reasonable hour. When would that reasonable hour be?

.......after I've left for the day works for me. Maybe I am just grumpy.

Sorry....... but the holidays have lost so much of their meaning in the past 25 years. Now it's all about buy, buy, BUY and screw everything else.

What a load of bullshit.

I have a friend that lives with and takes care of his mom and every year he invites all of his co-workers that don't have family to eat Thanksgiving with him and his mom. Louis, you and your mom are what Thanksgiving is all about my friend...........

Mmmm, bypass that nasty filter at work. Not that I encourage such a thing:-)

Here's "social engineering" at it's best (or worst)

This might be a problem if you waited in line for 24 hours to buy one. We have a 360 pre-ordered but if it's gonna melt when we plug it in-we might have second thoughts.......

If you have the Sony rootkit software installed on your computer, the new version of this will remove it.

25 to 50 % of priests are gay? That's cool, it's not really an issue with me, but it is nice to see an organized religion recognize that gay people exist. On the other hand, they still have some work to do.....................

Maybe they oughta call it "Richard Ave."...........

Politics as usual. Makes me ill.

John Cusack on Joe Strummer. I grew up listening to The Clash.....kind of like a soundtrack to people my age.

I call bullshit............Just imagine what a large group like Focus on the Family could do if they focused their energy on something useful. I'm sure lots of folks that live or lived in the path of Katrina could use some help. Why not "focus" on those families this Thanksgiving?

Thanks for reading.


Ptelea said...

I really enjoy your posts and links - when I went to the Focus on the Family link I had to laugh because right above it was an ad for a gay/lesbian news site. I hear way too much about this group here in Colorado! Imagine how much better the world would be if so many people/groups didn't spend (waste)their energy trying to force others into following their beliefs. Also, thanks for your camera info. - that is greatly appreciated.

Eric A. said...

I agree about the Holidays and that the mass of people are idiots.
Can't shoot them(legally).