Tuesday, November 01, 2005

No back pain.......finally.

My buddy Hank and I went out for a nice 3 hour road ride yesterday morning. He was kind enough to take it easy on me and we had a good ride. The weather was gorgeous, I wish I woulda had my camera-we were on some really scenic roads.

We did stop by Ed's Ski and Cycle to say hi to our buddy Will who is part owner of the shop. Talk about having a job you can love. Would I like to work in a bike shop and still be able to support my family? Oh yeah. Thing is, I'd never get a paycheck, I'd spend it all on bike stuff.

Anyways, if you live in York-stop in and say hi-they have all kinds of bikes, bike stuff, skis, snowboards and all the toys associated with being on the side of a snow covered mountain with stuff strapped to your feet or clicked into a mountain or road bike. Anyways......Will is a super-nice guy so say hi sometime.

I did forget to mention the seat bag that Mike from Banjo Brothers sent me, I strapped 'er up yesterday morning.
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Fits a tube, levers, a credit card, a ten dollar bill and a key. What else do you need on a group ride? Made just like the other stuff-It'll outlast the bike more then likely.

Hank and I were talking about how to tell when your saddle is worn out when we were riding yesterday............I'm not really sure, I used to swap them out quite a bit.

My favorite saddle used to be the SDG Bel Air but I've switched over my hardtail, the Surly and my Cannondale R500 to the Specialized Body Geometry saddle. It's one of those kind of seats you either love or hate and it seems to suit my fat ass pretty darn good. I'd switch the single speed over as well, but I don't spend much time sitting down on that bike.......

That's about it for now....Thanks for reading.

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