Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Donut Guy goes back to school..........

My wife handed me a HACC catalog to read over the weekend. Mmmmm, the Donut Guy might be going back to college. You're never to old to get some more smarts. I took some courses some years back to get my Master Baker certification but I'd like to learn more about computers as that's my 2nd hobby. After bikes of course.

I missed the Open House that HACC had last weekend here in York but I plan to call them up or stop by the York campus to get more info...........

Actually, I'd like to start my own part time business going to folks house's to fix their computers. I figure if I did that-this blog would write itself with funny stories about the stuff people have done with computers.

Got me a Flickr Pro account last week. It cost 25 bucks a year so I plan to use the heck out of it. They use the word "unlimited" a lot. I don't think I'll ever upload 2 gigs of stuff a month but with the holidays coming up, who knows......It will be nice to be able to share pics online with our family.

With every religion, there are good things and bad things you can take away from each. I'm not Catholic, but I do happen to agree with this dude. I love reading what the fundamentalists write about Earth being 7000 years old..............my opinion?.....they are a bunch of mouth breathers...........read the links at the bottom of the article for added laughs.

Whether you believe in God or not..........the Earth and the Universe is more then 7000 years old and it ain't flat.

More on those wonderful folks over at Sony. Nice stuff, huh? These guys also have a very nice freeware section on the site. I use this program to see what's running on this box. This will see if you have any rootkits running on your hard drive.

This guy is a waiter. He's also a pretty damn good writer, one of my favorite blogs. He wrote this entry recently about getting older and making peace with people who have done you wrong. One guy I used to work for would fit under the category of "People I really don't like".......maybe I need to grow more as a person because if he was hanging off the side of a cliff and I had the only rope...............I sure hope he has a good grip. What comes around goes around.

Jeez, I guess I'm going to have to scratch off that trip to France. 1,400 torched cars? 9,500 cops? Holy shit.

If you're gay, I'm cool with that. Whatever. What you do with your partner is your business. All I know is that my anus has a "No Entry" sign on it (except for this) if ya know what I mean. Holy or not. Seriously, anyone that has a writes a book and titles one of the chapters "The Anus is Holy" deserves some press. The fact that the Dutch Reformed Church has a task team on homosexuality doesn't surprise me. I'm sure most churches have one.

Buried with their phone? Screw that-I want my Surly melted down and mixed in with my ashes when I die.

My wife is a nurse specializing in elder care. I was reading this article and thinking she could probably make a small fortune consulting senior citizens on what to do with their Medicare coverage as she knows all that stuff forwards and backwards. I'm no expert but there has to be a better way to run healthcare.

That's about it for now, gonna run some errands by bike and try out my new Banjo Brothers messenger bag.......thanks for reading.


pete said...

hi donut guy.

i am a donut and i ride a bike too!

i've blogrolled you. check out my donut blogs.

The Donut Guy said...

I like your COMMUTERLAND blog........

I really have to update my links.....

Thanks for reading.

pete said...

hey george

you can always join in commuterland. it's had a patchy history, but it needs a couple of part-time contributors to keep it going.