Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Saved some gas......

I know lots of my fellow bike bloggers do almost all of their commuting, errands and general mucking about on their bicycles.


Not so much.

I don't get to ride as nearly as much as I'd like to, so when I have a 3 or 4 hour chunk of free time-I try to fit some bike stuff in there. I might not ride a ton of miles in the time I have to ride because I do lots of stopping and starting to take pictures of stuff, but I have fun.

I did a whole bunch of stuff Tuesday morning. I went to the bank, video store, credit union and did a little shopping. This was the first time I've used my Banjo Brothers messenger bag and to be honest-I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit the 2 gallons of milk I had to buy.....

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I shouldn't have worried.

Other then the fact that 2 gallons of milk weighs close to 18 pounds that I had to pedal up a large hill to get home-It was all good. The milk fit with room to spare and to be honest-I was surprised at how well the load on my back stayed put.

Good stuff.

Here's a few pics I took when I was out Tuesday morning. The light wasn't the best as it was overcast and I missed the foilage peak but I still had fun. I put a few pics in there of our house and all the leaves so Lunatic Biker gets to see all the work my neighbor does when he rakes my leaves. Most of the leaves are still up in the trees........

I also stopped over at my folks house to give my mom a lesson on how to use my iPod Shuffle so she can listen to some podcasts when she goes on a trip to NYC this coming weekend. She's gonna take some pics and I plan on putting them on my Flickr account so she can share them.

A friend of mine that lives down in Ball'mer also has a Flickr account-Doug is a way good photographer, check out his stuff. He's also funny as hell and a great guy to hang out with.

I shoot my mouth off about all kinds of stuff on this blog but one thing I haven't talked about in awhile are some of my favorite cycling related sites...........

Here are a few of mine....

Bikemagic-A British based mtbing site. New York Times of cycling.

Dirt Rag- Pa's finest for the faint of heart. Also NSF

North Shore Mountain Biking Good stuff if ya like freeride. I like freeride. Online version of Bike Magazine

I'll put some more up another time.....

This article makes me feel less guilty for downloading music.

That's about it for today, I'm about to go face down on the keyboard, thanks for reading.

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Lunatic Biker said...

Nice pics of the yard. I'd rake a baker's leaves any day. Two gallons of milk. I rode once with a 12 pack of bottled beer in my bag which was pretty heavy. I think the milk would weigh more.