Saturday, November 05, 2005

George ain't right.............

Seriously, I think the boy started back up drinking or is on some type of meds. (You'll have to give the Washington Post some info to read the article) I can remember last year when he visited our town. It was a serious pain in the ass for most of the day if you wanted to get anywhere.

If you don't wanna register at the Washington Post, then read this. Scary, huh? The press even lays into the poor bastard when he is 2000 miles away. This article makes me think the wheels fell off of GW's train and we are just waiting for it to derail.

Peace in the Middle East? Sure, when pigs f*cking fly.

Time for something fun. Can you believe that? SFW video on a NSFW website.

This makes me proud to live near this.

As I write this sentence, it's Saturday night and I pretty much slept through the entire day. Looks like I missed a nice day and I'll more then likely sleep all day Sunday because I also work Sunday night. Bummer. I really want to get out before all the leaves fall off of the trees.

At first thought, I read this article and thought it was a bad idea for them to sponsor a race, but the more I think about it-they pretty much strapped on a set of balls and and are letting folks know that EPO is a good drug that saves lives if it's used properly. Good on them.

People are idiots. That's about all I can say on that article. Except that the customer's behavior doesn't surprise me one bit. I deal with customers that have the same kind of mindset every night when I go to work. Lucky me.

This guy calls bullshit on Peak Oil.

My opinion? .....who knows?

I think when it cost 3 or 4 dollars a gallon for gas like it will sometime soon, I'm gonna use the least amount possible and if it runs out while I am still alive............I guess I'll be riding my bike more.

I don't follow football very much but I think Terrel Owens has a rectal-cranial inversion. Just my 2 cents.........

I love this guy but I think he might pop a blood vessel. I agree with him, especially when you are in the mall or a grocery store. If you are walking along-just don't stop in the middle of an aisle and stare into space. If you are driving..........get off the damn cellphone and pay attention to what you are doing.

It's deer season as noted by my friend in Minnesota. I like deer meat and everything but I could never pull the trigger and shoot one. I ran into a couple guys at the gasoline mart the other morning dressed up in all their hunting togs. Total camo from head to foot. To be honest-they looked kind of stupid. I'm sure they think I look stupid dressed in bicycle clothes

The county parks I mtb in allow hunting by permit in certain areas. I stay the hell away from those areas and wear some blaze orange. I've been told by hunters that a mountain bike going down a trail sounds just like a deer crashing through the woods. I thing I might bungee cord a boombox to my bike and play some AC/DC so none of those guys shoot me. Think they would be pissed? I really dig Angus and the boys, so they'd have to get over it.

Go ahead and register at the NY Times. Then read this article. One thing's for sure (IMHO) if the Democrats controlled the House and Senate-they would have Bush's ass in impeachment proceedings.

I have some friends that I co-blog with here. I don't spend much time there but they have some interesting things to say. Check'em out.

Ryan Leech is a trials God. I've seen other video where he rides across a chain stretched between 2 poles. I like bike trials if you haven't noticed. As long as the penalty for failure isn't to high-I like to try hopping up and down off of stuff and practicing wheelie drops, etc... when I ride in the woods. I usually do this when I ride by myself as I fall off sometimes............a 46 year old guy falling off of his bike is not pretty.

Learn something about WW II history. With the way things are made you think that if they built something like that now, it would still be standing in 50 years?

Betcha didn't know this........US Service men and women use Silly String.

That's about it for now, thanks for readin'

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ne'erdowell said...

Re peak oil -

"he believes it is being producing deep within the earth and is brought to attainable depths by centrifugal forces of the earth's rotation"

apparent science deficiency. Should we invite him to Dover?

Check out the last paragraph. Seems someone is more interested in selling books than distributing knowledge.