Friday, November 18, 2005

I hear from an "anonymous"........

Turns out one of the posters who posted under anonymous the other day is a good friend of mine with a slightly different viewpoint of what's going on in world events.

And that is totally A-OK with me. I just like knowing who I am talking to and if more then one person posts comments anonymously-it's hard to keep track of who said what.

Having said that, he does has some very good points.

And I'd like to share his e-mail with ya'll...............

Hi Geo,

First off, I'm not a republican. I'm somewhere between
a Constitutionalists and a Libertarian. Some day after
this topic I address here we can discuss why I can be
neither Dem or Rebup...besides the fact that the ones
that get elected from those parties are simply just
Chosen Ones from the Governing Class.

We are friends. We will remain friends in spite of any
of these discussions, agreed? Fine. That alone will
keep me in "polite" mode.

Back off on the Bush bashing.

It's getting old for me, having voted for him, to feel
like ass every time I read your blog. (However, I may
just be an ass for other reasons). I don't think all
10 of those phrases you listed are really his. You
have been had! He's not smart. He has learning
disorders which are obvious and he is not a good
speaker. Bill Clinton was the opposite, but he was not
interested in the military, or national security,
which is really a bad thing.

I have long been disappointed by the lack of response
by the USA from Islamic terrorist that bombed the
Marines in Lebanon, took hostages from embassies
(under Carter), attacked the USS Cole, etc. George
isn't pussy footing around. I like that. I like it we
are kicking some ass now and showing the world we CAN
stand up for ourselves. I guess you and much of the
world don't think that's ok, but you're wrong, buck0.
True, the war is more than that. With China competing
with us so strongly for oil, we needed to have a
better hold on things in the middle east, at least
that is 40% of why I think we are there. Why we needed
to be lied to about it, baffles me.

The other 60% of our being there is...

Have you heard of "Able Danger"?

After reading that I have this to say...

Likely we will never know what the 9/11 Commission
knew, because those documents are probably the ones
Sandy Burger took and got a slap on the wrist for.
Think Bill Clinton wasn't involved in any innocent
lives being lost like the left says about George?
Well, it is easy for me with hindsight, to say he
could have prevented 9/11, but we'll never
know...(Sandy Burger knows). In fact it is unfair for
me to suggest Bill could have stopped it. With 9/11
everything has changed. I do think it's unfair, as
well, that WE do not get to know what Bill and the
9/11 Commission knew.

I think it's unfair that George used Veteran's Day, of
ALL days, to return an attack on the Dems for saying
he's a liar. Of course he's a liar. He is one of the
chosen governing class and THEY all lie. You and I
just have to sort out the why of the lie. The truth
is, what we are fighting for is for our very survival.
I think you understand survival. I'm going to bet you
don't' think the issue with Islam is that
great...wrong again, buck-o. We MUST have control of
the oil or somewhat control over it AND to be free
from a religion that wants us dead. George is
protecting you life and the future for your children.

In summary; take it easy on making me feel like and
ass once a day, k?

P.S. Here's a follow up to the Able Danger Tale...

P.P.S. I like to play the middle and I never thought
that Bill deserved to have a legal commission formed
against him to discover he was having a sexual
liaison...paa-lease! What a waste of my money!!!

Well, I gotta respect were my buddy is coming from. I do however disagree with the way that the current administration is handling things in Iraq and here at home.

Did the previous administration make mistakes?


Do I bash Bush in this blog?


Will I continue to post articles about George and some of his missteps?

Yup, but reading my friends e-mail will make me take a second look at what I post about the man. I still feel that he is one of the worst presidents we've ever had.

Wanna comment?

I'd love to hear what everyone has to say -just keep it civil- Let's face it, we ain't gonna cure cancer here on the internet and as far as folks making anonymous comments? That's cool, I just prefer knowing who I am talking to.

.........Enough of that, how about this weather here on the east coast? Something like a 35 degree temperature drop in the past 24 hours.


And I am hosting a slacker mtb ride at Lake Redman on Sunday-I better slap on an extra pair of socks.

Our son and I were at the eye doctors Thursday night-he barely needs glasses, but we went ahead and got him a pair because he has trouble seeing the board at school sometimes.


Shit, I'm as blind as a fencepost. I needed a new prescription in the reading part of my bifocals and I also got a pair of prescription sport sunglasses. I've never had a set of those real fancy sunglasses before, with my luck-I'll probably set them down somewhere and lose them.

I really enjoyed reading another blogger's take on Critical Mass. I think if we tried something like that around here, it would turn into something like what happened up in NYC earlier this year. Around here, the car is king.

Going shopping on Black Friday? Here's a heads up on what's going to be on sale.

Been following the news on the Sony rootkit? Here's the latest.........

This site gives me a headache.

This person is gonna be pissed when they re-read the auction they just won.

With that-I'm outta here.......thanks for reading.


Ptelea said...


Thanks for bringing anonymous in and opening up communication. It bothers me when I don't think someone is willing to stand behind their comments. It feels like a hit-and-run. But when they are willing to stand behind their comments, by way of stating their 'name,' then we can all discuss our differences. It is not as good as face-to-face but it adds a level of civility.

Take care.

Tim said...

No offense to your friend, but it's not your fault he feels like an ass for voting to elect an incompetent president.

Bush's incoherence, his incurious mind, his insistence on seeing the world through the filter of his religion, and his failure to grasp the nuances of diplomacy and foreign policy were on display for four years during his court-appointed first term.

Anyone who failed to recognize these things and then voted for him AGAIN deserves to feel like an ass.

Your friend sounds interested in lively debate. Good for him. But the argument that you should lay off and stop making him feel like an ass? Sorry, that just doesn't wash.

Jes said...

I saw a bumper sticker while heading to school tonight.
'Clinton lied about sex...Bush lies about EVERYTHING.'

The truth hurts when you've agreed to be swindled out of your home and life-savings by a con-man. Lives are being lost, unnecessarily. Have you ever worked for a stubborn boss who refused to admit they were wrong? We all have. The devil's got this one 'locked' on his side, but keep praying and working towards change.

Maybe your friends need to ask The Almighty to forgive them. Atleast 10 years will pass and this person's decisions will still be felt....The ultimate: widow's, fatherless children and the loss of a child.

Pray, pray really hard.