Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Strange things..........

I was playing around with Google.............if you put the words "bikes" and "donuts" in Google-my blog pops up number one.

Evidently, I am one of the few cyclists that blogs about donuts and bicycles.

Even though I sometimes go for a couple days without mentioning anything about bikes. Sometimes I get carried away when I read stuff that I feel needs attention called to it and I forget all about bikes.

Like this stuff......

Pretty colors in the sky.

I'm not sure what this proves. Check out the movie.

I live here in Pennsylvania- guess what? These guys are all gone in the next election.

Dick's a dick.

My turkey is on fire. Having a grease fire is scary as hell. I had a donut fryer catch on fire once. Scared me shitless. You haven't lived until you've had a vat of hot oil 3 feet deep, 4 feet wide and 40 feet long spontaneously ignite.

I love stories like this. I'm sure she violated Excellent Customer Service Rule #1 which is.....Be nice and you'll get what you want.

The Parents Television Council wins the Donut Guy's "Asshole of the Day" award.

Oh man. Could you imagine?

If you smoke-now's a good time to stop. I smoked for 20 years and I stopped over 5 years ago. Hardest and best thing I've ever done..........well, it's the second best thing I've done-marrying my wife has to come in first place. If anyone wants to stop and needs encouragement, just e-mail me.

$169,393 a year is a lot of money but if one of those guys or gals have a bad day-we're gonna read about it in the paper. If I have a bad day.........not so much. Maybe I come down on the side of the pilots because our next door neighbor is a captain for American and I see how much stress those guys are put under.

Now this is a snowblower.

I need one of these.

AOL has got some problems. I know back in the mid nineties we used them, when I went with another ISP, I had to talk to 3 or 4 people at AOL before I could get them to cancel my account. It was almost like having a police interrogation. Not that I'd know what that was like.


Couple new people are added to my links section. The Old Bag and Gawdzilla. Both are interesting reads so go there now and check'em out.

An anonymous commenter posted something about my comments on George Bush. Yeah, whatever..........I don't pay much attention to folks that comment here that don't have a name or an e-mail address. It's not worth the effort, just get your own blog, okay?

The weather that some of my midwest blogging friends were having the other day finally arrived here in PA. Would you like it back? Actually, it's not that bad-I just wish the days were a little longer-it gets dark about an hour after I wake up in the afternoon. Sometimes working 3rd shift sucks.......

First time I've read this blog. It's a good read. So many good blogs, too little time...........what I like about reading blogs is that you'll go to someone's else's blog, read it and follow a couple of the links and *pffft* there goes an hour or three.

Last link. Not family or work safe. Blah, blah,blah, the usual..........



I didn't blog about donuts or bicycles this time.

Maybe next time.

But don't count on it.

Thanks for reading.


ne'erdowell said...

The anti-bush-lied commentator was spouting the same lies that pit-bull Cheney et al are disseminating. Cover up lies with more lies, attack the accuser rather than explain your actions. More comment on the respective site.

I'll check out more of the links when I get home - looks like a few good 'uns.

Anonymous said...

nonsense the whole point of saying bush lied is to tear down the man when the democrats that are now making that charge from congress said the same things bush and cheney said

as far as attacking the accuser deal with the idea im presenting and the statements youre making because they dont stack up saying you cant deal with an anonymous poster just means you dont have someone to attack in return

getting links to other opinions that come from the michael moore camp of the political spectrum doesnt present any evidence whatsoever either

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Bush lied isn't terribly important or relevant. There are bigger issues to consider, behind the scenes stuff that we don't hear about much on the news.

But, just to play along, I'd like to make two points on the topic.

1. I heard about the WMD stuff from Bush first, second, and every time after that. If various Senators were saying the same stuff, it didn't make much of an impression on me. Bush has the Bully Pulpit, after all.

2. Bush didn't need anyone's permission to go to war. When was the last time a President asked for Congress' blessing to go to war? Now, it seems, we went to war on false pretenses. It was the fault of Democratic Senators? That's a stretch.