Friday, January 27, 2006


I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts last night. Andrew Coffey visited a day spa in his latest update.

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Not too sure about the whole metrosexual thing, but having a good shave, a haircut and a massage might be okay once and awhile.

I'm pretty sure I'm not a metrosexual because........

-I drive a mini-van. Why? Because it fits all my bikes and stuff on the inside without getting anything wet or stolen. I'm 46, I really don't give a shit what people think of my ride.

-I have a chopper. Okay, it's a bicycle chopper, but it's still a chopper.

-I only shave once or twice a week. And that's the only area of my body that gets shaved. I've never considered getting my back hair waxed. Wax is for candles.

-The only skin, hair or shaving care product I use is a bar of soap. Why spend money on multiple products when one 23 cent bar of soap gets the job done.

-I don't perspire.....I sweat.

-I wear tighty whiteys. I have some boxers as well, I pretty much wear whatever is on top in my dresser drawer.

-I like macaroni and cheese. And bologna sandwiches.

-And finally, I've never, ever considered shaving my balls. Listen to the podcast for more info on "manscaping"

The only thing I do that might remotely be considered "metro" is wearing lycra when I am out playing roadie on my road bike but that internal padding is so nice.................

I love this. People that steal stuff usually aren't very smart.

I blogged this last year, this is the 2006 edition. I can't imagine climbing up something like that. Check out the web cam.

I wish bicycle bells worked like this in America. Nothing pisses me off more then when I'm out riding trails and I come across some guy with 3 unleashed and undisciplined dogs. Sure I like dogs but not when they are trying to bite my ankles.

I was off work this day and happened to watch it live. Something I'll never forget.

NSFW (due to language) but that ain't gonna stop me from posting it.

That's one way to stop hiccups. Kinda harsh if you ask me.

That all for now.........


Anonymous said...

Mom says...the best way to stop hiccups is to: drink water through a straw while holding your nose closed. It works!

The Donut Guy said...

Never heard of that one Mom.

I usually eat a tablespoon of sugar and hold my breath.