Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Any computer geeks out there?

Anyone know of a freeware program that will work in Windows ME that will delete or format the entire drive? I want to start with a clean slate on my old computer when I install Ubuntu. Window's ME is like a virus you can't kill.

I tried changing around the boot order so that the CD-ROM drive boots first but I can't get my Ubuntu Linux disc to boot before Windows starts.

Maybe I'll slap the computer upside the hard drive or used to work for my old TV.

This looks like it could be a fun program. I see that you can run Linux inside of Windows, maybe I'll try that for laughs and giggles.

My wife makes me take one everyday.

Somebody oughta take Bush out behind the wood shed and slap some sense into his ass. Ask any pharmacist in America and I'm sure they'd volunteer to do the slapping.

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Cool socks eh?

I may have socks that are more colorful, but I don't have any socks this classy. Until now, that is.........thanks Tim. Oh, about those donuts.......donuts don't mail well, we're gonna have to wait until you visit Will at Ed's Ski and Cycle.

People like to complain. Had some guy comment to me at the mini mart this morning while I was getting my wife's coffee that he sure was tired off all the rain we are getting. I told him to look on the bright side............ at least you don't have to shovel rain.

If all the rain we have received since the beginning of the year was snow, it would be asshole deep to a giraffe.

I say this alot on my blog............."I'm not the smartest guy in the world............but" the mid-term election is about 10 months from now. Do the guys in Washington think the American people are gonna forget about all this crap by then? My gut feeling? Lots of Congressmen will be looking for work in 2007.

I think I've mentioned this before, but Jill has some awesome pics and content on her blog. Not sure how she gets all those miles in, she is way tougher then me. I'm a cold weather wuss.

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Somebody at my daughter's high school had some fun over the weekend. That's a canoe up there.

Til later........


Anonymous said...

A DOS boot disk with fdisk on will work. You should also be able to make boot disks from Ubuntu. There should be a directory on the first CD that contains floppy images and a utility to write them to disks. If not they should be on the site where you got Ubuntu. Email me at if you need any help.

Tim said...

You have too many computer hassles, George. Do yourself a favor and buy a Powerbook or an iMac. :)

I know you don't like the fact they cost more, but ask why. They're better designed, more stable and easier to use!

Tim Jackson said...

Hey Buddy,

Glad you like the socks. However, I think I'm gonna cry if I have to wait until I get to PA to have some doughnuts. I'll probably get over it though...

Enjoy those socks!

The Donut Guy said...

I used to have an Apple, didn't like it a whole lot.

Jank said...

I gave up on Macs for most of the 90's, 'cause, frankly, they sucked, and Windows 98 wasn't so bad as most folks made it out to be.

But OS X rocks - all of the good UNIXy goodness of Linux with the absolutely sweetest interface, easiest program management, and coolest vibe ever.

As far as wiping your hard drive, the Ubuntu installer should do it for you. It's going to repartition the drive to give you a swap partition, a partition for your bootloader, and a partition for your filesystem. THe installer will also reformat it (likely to EXT3 instead of microsoft's FAT32), so the problem will fix itself...

You know where to find me - feel free to ask questions. I'm far from being a 1337 Linux type, but my iBook dual boots Fedora Core and OS X, and I've got an old dell running Fedora core, too.