Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad..........

47 years ago on this day in 1959, my mom and dad got married in Lancaster County. 9 months and 2 days later..............I was born.

Mmmmmm, I wonder what my folks did on their honeymoon?

.....At any rate-I have some pretty great parents and I hope they have many more anniversaries because they ain't that old..........Good on ya:-)

Gonna spend some time this week doing a fresh install of Windows XP and Ubuntu on our spare computer. I've been doing a lot of reading on the Ubuntu forums so I think I have a fairly good idea of what to do. Or not. I guess we will see..............

Damn, those are some steep hills. I remember from my visit last summer that some of the hills in Pittsburgh were crazy steep like that.

We all like to complain about stuff, don't we? Not to depress anyone but after reading this story, I gotta tell ya-whatever I thought was a big deal before seems kind of insignificant now.

Since I am a child of the 70's..............I've owned a few of these items. Most notably is the GE Super Radio. I still have mine and it's probably one of the best AM/FM radios ever made.

A joke............

Pearly Gates by George Washington

When Osama bin Laden died, he was met at the Pearly Gates by George Washington,
who slapped him across the face and yelled, "How dare you try to destroy the nation I helped conceive!"

Patrick Henry approached, punched him in the nose and shouted, "You wanted
to end our liberties but you failed."

James Madison followed, kicked him in the groin and said, "This is why I
allowed our government to provide for the common defense!"

Thomas Jefferson was next, beat Osama with a long cane and snarled, "It was
evil men like you who inspired me to write the Declaration of Independence."

The beatings and thrashings continued as George Mason, James Monroe and 66
other early Americans unleashed their anger on the terrorist leader. As
Osama lay bleeding and in pain, an Angel appeared. Bin Laden wept and said,
"This is not what you promised me."

The Angel replied, "I told you there would be 72 Virginians waiting for you
in Heaven. What did you think I said?

One of my friends sent me that, I just thought I would share.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This would be an acceptable way to die.

Even God has a few lobbyists in Washington. Brought to you from those wonderful folks over at Focus on the Family. Makes me proud that our State Senator Rick Santorum was at one of their recent events. Separation of Church and State? Suuuuure.

I have no idea what this dude is saying, I'm just glad I don't have to pay his tire bill.

This takes a little while to load but it's funny. From the Tonight Show.....

I bet this cat hides the next time a thunderstorm rolls around.

Interesting article about the weather. I know I hate it when they call for snow 2 or 3 days out. Since I work at a grocery store, we are all amazed at the lemming like nature of people. They ALL head to the store and buy all kinds of stuff they don't need. Since most everybody now has an SUV, I'm not sure I understand this behavior.

750 bucks for a mailbox? We have one of the $40 mailboxes. And we still have last years leaves on the front lawn. We're one of those neighbors.

Till later..........


Tim said...

OK, I'm officially old. That Dynalogic Hyperion computer is like the machines we had in the newsroom of my first college newspaper.

That's not true. I worked in that newsroom in 1982 and the computer shown was an '83 model. So it's an upgrade from what we used!

hereNT said...

That hill climbing video is crazy!

And the guy burning out his tires is talking about how some of the corners are faster than the last time, and how anyone can drive like that, just not at the limits of racecar speed. I'm assuming they were either comparing the car to another car, or the tires to other tires.

(They're hard to read, but there are fuzzy subtitles at the bottom)