Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Poor cat............

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We took Belle back to the vet Monday morning to have it spayed. Not sure if that is gonna make the cat more jumpy or less jumpy. Right now, she has attached herself to our daughter and loves to hang out on Katie's bad.

She is one of the most nervous cats I've ever seen. Not sure what the first 6 months of her life were like, but I'm imagining that they weren't very pleasant.

I pity the poor dogs at the vet that were brought in to have their dangly bits snipped off. I bet they won't be wagging their tails later today...........

If you are into podcasts and into photography, check out the podcast from my buddy Ed Hidden. Super nice guy and he knows what he is talking about.........I dig the new hair color Ed:-)

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I love these posters.

Stopped at Burger King for breakfast on the way home. How come the stuff you get there never looks like the pictures on the menu boards????
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Here's a picture of what I bought. Nice picture huh?

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Here's what I bought. Same sandwich as above. Good job BK. I can just feel the love that went into this masterpiece. Come to think of it, every sandwich Burger King makes looks like someone sat on it before they serve it.

I wonder if they had any land in the sand.............

Have a laptop? Watch this.

I guess they ain't kidding when they tell you not to wear a watch when you get an MRI.

When you think about this for a minute, it does kinda make you wonder. I just make donuts for a living so I'm not smart about engineering, but those other levees look pretty darn impressive.

I think I'd pop a cap into his ass. NSFW due to ads on the page.

Till later tater.


iggy-reilly said...

re the breakfast sandwich: you were expecting maybe Ma Maison?

Tim said...

Did you ever see that movie with Michael Douglas (I think it was called "Falling Down") where he orders a fast-food hamburger and it comes out all flaccid and gooey? He goes off on the kid behind the counter about how it doesn't look like the picture on the menu board. And he just happens to have a gym bag full of guns with him. Great scene.

Anonymous said...

You're going to have to ride everyday the rest of the week to ride that off.

The Donut Guy said...

Hey Mark, the sandwich wasn't the worst of it. I had a handful of those chocolate mini donuts for dessert afterwards.

I have *ALOT* of work to do on the bike when spring gets here. I'll be hosting lots of slacker rides down at Redman this year............

Tim, that's one of my favorite movies.

Ptelea said...

Thanks for the link to Their Levees - Our Levees
- that really puts things in perspective