Friday, January 13, 2006

Our son is a flirt...........

You could put our son in a room full of people he didn't know and give him an hour-he'd be best friends with all of them. We've had folks comment on how well spoken he is and yes, my wife and I take all the credit. Not sure where he got the outgoing personality, my wife and I were painfully shy at that age.

As I had mentioned earlier, I took him to the dentist office yesterday for some work. I'm not sure what he said to the hygenist, but I'm pretty sure that if he was 10 years older, he could have gotten a date-no problem.

I'm really not looking forward to our store remodel because they removed the associate bathrooms and we have to use the customer restrooms. Not to be too graphic but when I went to use the restroom last night at about 2 in the morning, someone had some trouble aiming when they took a dump. Why do people have to be that way?

Remember me saying yesterday that it will be years until they decide what to do in NOLA? Read this.

This is a good idea, I guess. Maybe it's the morbid fascination with seeing famous people after they have gained a shitload of weight. Speaking of loosing some weight...................

I'm looking forward to doing some actual mtb riding this weekend, at this point the weather is iffy, so we will see. The place where we plan to ride is all rocks which is good for drainage but I'm not gonna go if it raining or rained Saturday night. My technical skills are rusty from not riding much off road last year. Hell, let's face it-I'm just rusty riding period. I'm not going to hurt myself trying to have a good time. I suppose that's the wisdom of age speaking.......

I'm guessing Harry is gonna have trouble when he tries to get on his next airline flight here in America.

Sure, I like my iPods, but not that much. If Apple wants me to buy an Apple computer, have Steve make then cost less. For what a middle of the road Apple cost, I can get a damn nice Windows PC.

Smart kid, I wish I woulda thought of it.

Here's a few Google Maps of famous places.

Till later.......

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