Monday, January 30, 2006

My wife and I finally made it down to Hunt Valley in Maryland to visit that new store I was talking about a couple weeks ago. Wow. First off, the place was PACKED with people. No room to push a cart even. They have seriously nice perishable departments. As nice as it is, I'm glad there isn't one around here, I'd hate to have to compete with them.

This guy really doesn't like Ikea. My wife and I have been there and we love the place. If I was rich, I'd pay someone to assemble all the stuff I bought. The only mechanical things I like playing around with anymore are bikes.

A Napolean Dynamite soundboard. One of my favorite movies.

Are smarter people better at ignoring things? I have a fairly high IQ (honest, I do) now I don't feel so bad about being so absent minded.

This video clip is about 15 minutes long. It's from Top Gear and they try to destroy a pick-up truck. Amazing.

Lots of cool 1950's cars, decor and advertisments.

I wanted to do a road ride this morning. I mean I really wanted to ride but it was just to darn wet and foggy for it to be safe. I'm sure if I was younger and dumber-I woulda hit it but 46 year old bones take alot longer to heal then 26 year old bones. There will always be another time.......

It's the end of January and it's 50 degrees outside as I type this. I'm wondering how warm August is going to be.....

That is one ugly cat.

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Till later.


Anonymous said...

mmmm Wegmans. It's my favorite store. I like to cook and they have all a wide variety of foods. It's a great place for lunch too!

I still shop at your store chain, closer to home.


Anonymous said...

Supposedly, we're getting a Wegman's up here soon. When I lived upstate, people would drive (no joke) 30 miles to get groceries there rather than have to go to Weis (we don't have Giant up there).

Rumor has it that's why the Camp Hill giant is so big, because they knew Wegman's was coming to town.

The Donut Guy said...

They are redoing our store and it's gonna look like the Camp Hill store from what I understand.

I can't say a whole lot here about it on this blog, I don't wanna get fired:-)

Sheryl said...

Okay...but...what about Turdbusters...??? We don't have those in Nebraska. Here, in the wilds...we just use the ends of our plungers.

The Donut Guy said...

Sorry, I don't have a story about the Turdbusters picture:-(

One of my friends drives a Roto-Rooter van around (same concept-different name) and unclogs toilets for a living and he has some great stories, it's really a shitty job (pun intended) that happens to pay rather well.

Anonymous said...

No worries on the company secrets.

BTW: Brad from store #269 says hello.

The Donut Guy said...

Brad is the MAN!

Tell him I miss him :-)

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