Sunday, March 05, 2006

Been off for a few days........

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Have to thank Tim for the link that generated the above picture.

I think I'd like to be out riding my bike as well.

This game is addictive.

Been off for a couple days, sure is nice not to have to go to work. I could get used to this for sure. Still a touch too cold and windy for much bike riding, I'm such a wuss.

Stopped in at Gung Ho to inquire about how much a Surly Pugsley is gonna cost me, looks like I'm going to have a "used bike" sale here pretty soon as I really want a Pug. I guess I like stuff that is different then what most folks ride, I also like the simplicity of a rigid bike.

I work retail and while it isn't the most glamorous job, it pays the bills. I work with a couple of folks that have had their jobs shipped off to India, I'm going to send them this link. They don't make nearly as much as they used to but at least having a job is better then no job at all, I suppose.

I'd like to have a rest stop named after my blog.

This hardly comes as a surprise. I think HFCS has quite a bit to do with the current trend towards obesity.

"We don't like having a lot of stuff, so we give some away,". Hell, give it to me.

I can hardly wait to see some soccer mom driving one of these.

Some guy learns how not to rob a convenience store. SFW video on a NSFW website.

Why didn't they have this when I was a kid.........oh wait, I still am.

Here's the Danes apology to the Muslims.

Till later.

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