Thursday, March 23, 2006

Global warming........

Now might not be the best time to buy oceanside property. Heck, maybe if I wait long enough, our house here in Pa. might be prime real estate. It sounds like we are close to or just past the "tipping point", if so......we are in for a few changes.

Damn. I'd say that woman has a few issues.


WTF? Part II

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This site could be fun....

I want to go see this movie. Let me preface the next statement by saying I don't do drugs, smoke marihuana or smoke cigarettes........... but I think that if marihuana is illegal, they ought to make smoking illegal as well, smoking has killed WAY more people then pot over the course of history. There is nothing good about smoking except that it makes a few select people very rich.

One more reason to switch to Firefox.

No worries for me. I plan to stick with my trusty VCR to tape stuff off of TV and our cheapo Wal-Mart DVD player until those guys duke it out and one format comes out the winner.

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