Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More podcasts and assorted stuff.

Here's a few of the podcasts I listen to when I'm working...........

The Discovery Channel-all kinds of stuff here, just like the TV channel. This podcast alone is worth getting an MP3 player for.

Anarchy-X -Don't listen to this one if you are a George Bush fanboy. It's two Southern Cali guys discussing life and politics.

Keith and the Girl. I can't believe this couple hasn't made it big time yet. They are funny as hell and no topic is off-limits.

2600 The Hacker Quarterly. The will get you two podcasts which are actual radio shows with Emanuel Goldstein. Question authority!

Bicyclemark's Communique. The exaggerations and observations of a Portuguese-American, radical, activist-blogger, podjournalist, and citizen reporter; living in Amsterdam. (His words, not mine)

KCRW. They have a whole boatload of podcasts. My fav is Left, Right and Center.

Penn Gillette has a podcast. It's funny. Here's the feed.

The PK and J show. For adults only.

TWIT. For tech geeks and Leo Leporte fans.

Not sure what podcasting is? Check this site out for an explanation.

Anyone have any others?...............

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Anyone need a cordless mouse?

Improv Everywhere. Those guys are a hoot.

Disneyland from 1956. Dig those colors.

I need a set of these for my minivan.

Here's what the Australian media thinks of what the Bush Administration has been up to lately. I'd have to agree with them. The BBC doesn't have anything nice to say either. Neither does this Republican Congressman. Let's face it, the guy ain't doing such a bang-up job....... the numbers don't lie.

Almost half of all kids will be overweight by 2010? That's downright scary, but I see it all the time where I work.

America is wasting it's money on the "War on Drugs". Legalize marihuana, it's no more harmful then alcohol or tobacco.

Do I smoke it?


Do I want my kids smoking it?


I also don't want them drinking or smoking tobacco either. I think it's great that the government is making it hard for meth makers to produce meth, but as far as stopping folks from smoking a little weed once and awhile.........gimme a break, it's no worse then drinking a few beers or cocktails. And smoking takes 30 or 40 years to kill you. As for heroin and coke, why not legalize it and more importantly-tax it.

Personally, I think you're an idiot if you do hard drugs or smoke but as long as you don't drive under the influence or steal to support your habit..........go ahead and ruin your life. It's none of my business.

Why bother drinking coffee when you can drink this. 200 mg of caffeine? A couple bottles of that stuff and I wouldn't sleep for days, or it might even kill me.

This sounds like a fun volunteer job. How much more excellent could a job get then handing out tickets to assholes that so richly deserve them. The story reminded me of one time when I saw a cop zoom in behind 4 or 5 yuppiemobiles illegally parked in front of the local Starbucks to raise a little revenue.

This is good. Fox News is about as fair and balanced as the Bush Administration. Which is to say........not very.

I was looking online for when DST starts. It must suck to live in Indiana.

I'll be doing some volunteering for the next month or so helping a local troop of Boy Scouts get their "cycling" badge, I was at their troup meeting last night and it's a nice sized group of young men. Should be quite a lot of fun, next week all the guys are bringing in their bikes for a safety check. The parents were impressed that I rode my bike there in the dark. I have 3 rear blinkies and 3 separate headlights and wear a reflective vest so if someone hits me, it's probably on purpose.

Reading this story about Barry Bonds makes me sad for baseball.

Reading this story just makes me wish I coulda voted.

I can hardly wait until our store is finished being remodeled. Every evening, the HVAC guys have been using "high-lifts" to get at all the stuff in the ceiling and whenever one of them moves one around, it goes beep....beep.....beep.....beep. I'll be hearing beeps in my sleep soon.

Till later.

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