Friday, March 10, 2006

Search weirdness, world politics and good salad.

I was looking at my website search stats and while I don't suggest you do this........if you type in "hand in the ass" on Google, my site comes up about 15 entries down. I was a little worried for second until I realized it was a post a wrote awhile ago entitled "Hand Me My Ass".

This one is even better. For some reason, someone out there typed in "bikers ride dude rectum stories" and guess what? My site comes in #1. Yeah baby. I'd sure like to meet the person who typed that in.


There are 17 people from Australia that visit my site from time to time, 7 folks from Canada, 1 each from Finland, Germany and France. And 12 from the UK. Far out man.

My friend Doug sent me two articles to read and wanted to know what I thought of them. Set aside a few minutes or print them out to read, they're pretty good reading. Article 1 Article 2. Both articles go into quite a bit of detail and are very well written so take your time checking them out.

My thoughts? First thing I would have to say is I'm just a workin' stiff without a formal college education so my thoughts or opinions might differ from someone that has more "book" knowledge then me and I'm probably not going to due these pieces any justice by commenting on them. Here goes the Donut Guy's short and simple take.......

I'd have to say that most strife caused in the world for the past 2000 years has been caused by religion and it ain't never gonna change. Sure, not every war is fought over religion but most of the worlds problems can be traced back to some sort of difference of opinion between two opposing factions of religions.

There are all kinds of religions all over the world most folks seem to get along just fine having different opinions but unfortunately that isn't always the case. I am Protestant and my wife and kids are Catholic and while I don't agree with everything Catholics believe in, I respect what is important to them

I'm not sure but I bet that most folks that thought Islam might be a religion of violence probably now think people that believe in Islam are terrorists after watching them burn stuff down and kill innocent people over a few cartoons. Of course it's only a small group of Islamic believers that blow shit up, but they are the ones that make the news.

Here in the West, the rest of the world thinks our shit doesn't stink and that we are arrogant bastards. To a certain degree, that's true. We think we are the best and most advanced nation in the world and I'm sure that pisses off lots of folks. In fact, I'm fairly sure it pisses off most of the world. We are an easy target for all the worlds' hatred.

How are we supposed to deal with that?

Beats the hell out of me, I make donuts for a living.

All I know is our President isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and he's gotten some incredibly bad advice from most everyone in his administration in the past 5 years. Colin Powell was smart to leave after 1 term.

I think we oughta to choose our next President using the same system that American Idol uses.

Could you imagine Bush during tryout week? He'd be a total failure. Simon would boot his ass off the show after he stammered and stuttered over a few tough foreign policy questions.

His ass would be right there on the "rejects" show right next to William Hung. At least Hung has a personality and also got a recording contract out of it.

Seriously? When one group of people are intent on killing another group of people all in the name of "religion" .........well, there ain't a whole lot of good that going to come from that. I don't think George Bush can do anything make it any better.

Unfortunately for us, he's doing a pretty good job of making it worse.

I'd love to hear what ya'll think, but if you're just going to rip my face off without adding something to the discussion or compare my neighbor to the Nazi's like a previous commenter, I'll just delete your comment. Sorry if that doesn't sound fair, but it's my blog so I get to make the rules.

If you want to call me an simple minded idiot and then explain why I'm an idiot......I'm okay with that, I have a fairly thick skin.

On to other things...........

Our son has inherited the creative cooking gene from his grandfather. My pop just has a knack for throwing stuff together and making it taste really good and our son does the same thing. I kinda do the same thing when I work, but I have to stick pretty close to our formula book; I just can't go nuts and make stuff other stores in our chain have no idea how to make.

Image Hosted by
A picture of our son's latest creation.

This salad has ramen noodles, chunk chicken, mandarin oranges, ranch dressing and a whole bunch of spices that you'd never would think to combine. How about garlic and cinnamon together? Sounds kinda weird right? I ate 3 bowls of it. It's damn good.

He has expressed an interest in learning how to be a chef, maybe he could go to the CIA, how cool would that be to have a famous chef in the family? Maybe someday I can watch him on the Food Network.........

Anyone see this? I signed up for it, looks like it could be a useful tool.

This is bullshit. We oughta be bending over backwards to do anything and everything to make US servicemen and woman's lives easier.

Use one of those debit cards at an ATM machine? Read this. Me? My wife cut mine up a couple years ago because I always forgot to tell her when I withdrew money and she couldn't never get the checkbook to balance.

I know lots of people work in one of these, I'm glad I don't.

This is good news.

I'm gonna have to get this TV documentary on Bit Torrent.

A little bit of everything today, huh?

Till later.

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