Monday, March 20, 2006

Movie remake day.....

My son and I went to see "The Pink Panther" on Saturday.......
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It was interesting that they played the "Please turn your cell phone off" message at least 4 or 5 times before the movie started. I think they want to make sure everyone gets the message.

Steve Martin is a pretty funny guy and the movie was fairly good, but no one could ever replace Peter Sellers.......

We rented "Yours, Mine and Ours" and watched that Saturday evening after my wife and daughter came home from Penn State. It was a good movie as well, I like Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid so it was an easy sell for me. I remember going to the drive in and watching the original with my mom and dad back when it came out in the 60's.

I don't have a problem with this law. I'm sure the folks that smoke are all pissed off and everything but the smell of cigarette smoke makes me ill. Nothing more I hate then walking into a place of business and having to walk through a haze of cigarette smoke from people standing right outside the entrance smoking. Smokers rights? Screw that.

These guys are heroes in my book. I don't see how these folks can call themselves a church but I suppose that's their right. I don't think they have the right to enter private property and protest funerals though. I'm amazed that they haven't had the crap beaten out of them yet.

Looks like I wasn't the only person that gave up using their turn signals for Lent. Actually what I have been giving up since the beginning of the year was a lot of junk food. Since January 1rst I have lost a grand total of 18 pounds.

I fairly pleased with my progress to this point as I haven't really been exercising that much. It's mostly cutting out all the junk food right before I hit the sack in the morning after work. I'd like to lose another 10 or 15 pounds by the time summer gets here, I don't think it will be too tough since I'll be riding a whole lot more by then. Maybe I can get my old man out on his bike some and we can drop a couple pounds together.....

I guess this gives the French an excuse to burn up more shitty French cars. A guarantee that they won't be fired for the first two years they are working? Sure, that would be nice but how's about just busting your ass and making sure the company you work for is a success? Life is full of risks.

Our U.S. Army can turn someone into a soldier in about 4 months. How come it is taking 3 years for us to train enough Iraqi's into soldiers and policemen? I'm not buying what the President is trying to sell.

Our son is the proud new owner of a cell phone. Does a 12 year old really need a cell phone? No not really, he's only allowed to call the numbers we have entered into the phone's address book and we had the guy at the cell store turn off instant and text messaging.

I read that Oleg Cassini passed away, I know he was a famous fashion designer, but he also helped design the interior of one of my favorite cars. Not sure why I like these cars, maybe it's because they just look weird.

Feel like gambling? Buy some GM stock.

I've been playing around with the HTML coding on the blog, I'm no expert so if something looks screwed up, leave a comment.

Saw this site posted on Girls Luv Dirt's blog. Pretty much sums up why it's not a good idea to buy a P.O.S. bike from a big box retailer and expect it to last if you do any hard riding.

Now the RIAA has gone to far. Seriously? I hope they get their asses kicked on this one.

Here's a good read concerning obesity. Since I work in a grocery store, I get to see both sides of the argument. People are a helluva lot fatter then they used to be and grocery stores are very slick at getting you to buy stuff you don't need.

I'm guessing this guy doesn't get much sleep................

Till later.

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