Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Check this bike out and some customer service stories

If you only look at one web site today, make it this one. I've been following along on Bob's blog as he has been brazing and painting this frame.
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That's not a bike, it's a piece of art. Bob, you are a true craftsman.

I had my Surly in the shop last week for new crankarms, after they installed them they evidently didn't check to see if the tolerances were the same.

They weren't.

Kinda pisses me off a tiny bit because all they would have had to do is try to run the chain up and down the front rings and they would have discovered that it wouldn't shift up on to the big ring. Which tells me they installed the rings and called it done without checking their work or road testing it.

Am I being a prick? Maybe, but I've dropped over 10 grand at this shop over the past 7 or 8 years..........I expect repairs to be done right the first time. I know, it's only a little thing and I'm sure I'll calm down.......I guess I am used to good customer service.

In my job as a trainer to new associates I get to demonstrate how to practice good customer service. I remember one time a customer came into our shop to pick up their daughter's birthday cake and we lost the order.

Beats me how we lost it, but we did and the lady was pissed.

We got all the information for the cake from the customer and got their street address. About an hour later I and the manager trainee I was working with delivered the cake, a few half gallons of ice cream, chips, pretzels, soda, paper plates, plastic forks and napkins to the lady. I turned a bad experience into a good one and kept the customer.

Sure it cost a few bucks but I still see the lady shopping with us and I talk to her every Friday night when she's in the store. Good customer service doesn't cost money-it pays money..........

When I woke up to go to work on Monday night, it felt like my head was in a huge vice.

I had to call out sick because when I couldn't see straight, I pretty much had to. I hate doing that because it inconveninces my back-up and he has to change his schedule and screw his sleep all up. Sorry Jason! I feel a whole lot better today so I'll be back at it Tuesday night..................

New video from the Dept. of Homeland Security.

I have a sense of humor, but I'd probably kill this guy.

I'm not gonna win any points with the Man Up in The Sky with this one.....

It's really unlikely you would go to a web site that takes advantage of the latest IE bug (you'd have to click a link in a spam e-mail) but here's the unofficial fix. Me? I'll wait since I don't use Internet Explorer.

20 questions the President will never answer.

Are you a GRUP? I'm not, although most of my friends are younger then I am. I don't own any 200 dollar ripped jeans either-mine are ripped and worn from me wearing them.

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This is depressing.

The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is out in paperback.

Somedays you just wake up and you know it's not gonna be your day.

Till later.....

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