Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Is this for real? I'm sure they'll have an interesting dinner.

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From the Village Voice.

On my previous entry about podcasts, I neglected to mention a couple of podcasts my friend Ed Hidden does. Check out Edhidden.com and StudioLighting.net. He's one fine photographer in addition to being one heck of a nice guy.

I took off the 23 mm tires off my Surly and put on the 45 mm knobbies so I can ride the thing just about anywhere I want to. Lots of times I will start out on a road ride and end up at Rocky Ridge for a bathroom break, this way I can do some of the tamer trails there and not worry about pinch flatting. Plus the bike looks so much cooler with those big knobbies. Unfortunately, it's in the shop right at the moment, I screwed up one of the cranks when I was changing pedals. Oops.

Ed from Cycledog has a post up with a link on how to clean your bike. I really have to do this with the Surly, the chain probably has a pound of gook on it and makes one helluva mess when you have to get anywhere near it. I'm still cleaning it out of my fingernails from Sunday.

If this would have been me........The kayak would have sunk because it would have been filled with my poop.

Here's 3 minutes and 9 seconds you'll never get back.

Today's Science Break- Looks like a very large storm is on the way.

Here's one of the many reasons I don't buy anything with a mail-in rebate. My best Circuit City story was when the salesclerk asked me if I wanted an additional warranty on a 15 dollar set of earbuds.

Free software. Free is good.

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The bikes on this site are sick.

This could be one of the dumbest laws ever if it manages to pass.

A friend of mine got hit Saturday while he was on a training ride with his team. He's gonna be okay but he sprained a knee, an ankle, broke a collarbone and got a big dose of road rash. Get well soon Joe!

Today's Science Break Part 2. Don't try this at home kids....actually, I'd like to take the glass out of the front of the microwave and see how far the fireball shoots out. But that's just me.

Here's 8 minutes and 21 seconds you'll never see again.

Currently, our daughter isn't dating anyone. But just in case..........

At least Chuck Norris has a sense of humor.

Here's a phishing alert. You can never be too safe.

This will make absolutely no sense to you if you aren't a fan of the Matrix.

World Jump Day. Hell, I'll try it.

Get a human.

I'd make one ugly-ass vase.

Former top judge says US risks edging near to dictatorship. Ya think?

I voted for Bush in 2000. Knowing what I know now, I would have voted for this guy. I'm not sure Gore would have made a good president but anything other the collapse of civilization would be better then what's going on now.

How would have Gore handled 9/11?

I'm not sure, but I don't think his handling of the event (and it's aftermath) could be any worse then how it's being handled now. Sure, it's easy to be an internet quarterback but over 3000 servicemen and woman would probably still be alive in addition to approximately 35,000 Iraqis. And it's only getting uglier.

Till later.....

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