Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Nah, I'm not gonna rant about politics, my mom hates it when I do that on this blog. Just wanted to throw this out's interesting how this years Presidential contest has people talking about where our country is headed.

Agree or disagree with a particular candidate-at least folks are actually concerned about what's going down. Our son for example, has been following along with the primaries this year-he's probably one of the few 14 year olds who could tell you what a super delegate is.

I was on vacation last week and the guy that took my place is a slob. Me? I'm absolutely anal about how my work area looks and I sorta raised hell when I went to work Saturday night. When I returned Monday night? Every piece of equipment was disassembled and cleaned. Not sure who cleaned it all and I really don't care.

Cleanliness is a religion as far as I'm concerned.

Good news for folks that drink 4 dollar a cup coffee. I get the convenience store $1.49 24 oz cup of coffee for my wife in the morning and Emory the clerk behind the counter says....."Zaddit?"every morning......true customer service.

Why the hell anyone goes on this show........awkward. Me? I don't think I have any major skeletons in the closet or any earth shattering secrets and my wife has the passwords to all my e-mail accounts. I still don't think I'd go on that show though.

...I have some dignity....

till later.

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