Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Everything and nothing today.............

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This link doesn't really fit in with anything but it's Mr T and as we all know.........Mr T rules the universe. I kinda think he looks cute in those "Tom Selleck" shorts............

THIS is how to dispose of a Christmas tree. Oh my.

Somebody oughta tell this guy that the steel a bicycle is made of does the same thing. I haven't been abducted for years.

Dude, this is so totally awesome. Gimme a break,huh?

Oh wow, here a news flash. I have a good job and I am at the top of my pay scale where I work, but I think I've been losing the battle earlier then just this year.

If I lived in Idaho..........hell, I'd vote for it.

Looking forward to hosting some more beginners at our club ride tonight, I'll try and let ya'll know how it went. I think I have just as much fun as the kids do. No, check that-I definitely have as much fun as they do.

Noooooooo shit. Boy that's a shocker.

Heard about this on one of the bike related podcasts I was listening to at work last night. Not too sure how something like that would go over in the town I live in.

Most folks around here treat bicycles as toys and lawnmowers as tools. I look at it exactly opposite. Most folks in our neighborhood fertilize their lawns when they should be fertilizing their minds.

Know what I mean?

Till later..........

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Anonymous said...

George I have no idea how you dig up some of the crazy stuff you post here. You may have already run across this, but, if not, I think you'll get some mileage out of the following:

My wife would like me to get this.