Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hamilton suspended......

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I really want to hear his side of the story but it sure is a large disappointment. If the guy was cheating all along (and it sure looks like he was) I wonder what the hell he was thinking by dragging this whole thing out for so long.

I'm sure that everybody has seen the announcement that Armstrong is retiring. Like him or not-he certainly raised awareness of cycling here in the USA. And won the Tour 6 times..........so far:-)

I remember all these games. I used to have a part time job in an arcade and got to play them all for free after closing time.

I just a bought a poker game for our computer so our 11 year and I can play Texas Hold'em. Don't know how my son is doing but I suck really bad. At least real money isn't involved.

Went for the first ride of the year on my single speed yesterday. Oh my God, do my knees ever feel the pain. Pretty sure it isn't going to stop me-the thing is just too much damn fun. No front suspension- it handles like a big overgrown BMX bike. I pulled an x-up coming out of a roller-felt like a little kid. Couldn't believe that I didn't crash.

Our club has their beginner rides on Monday's now- kinda bummed because I'm going to miss about 90% of them. It's the only time I can keep up with the entire group and still hold a conversation at the same time.

This is a cool card trick. SFW video on a NSFW website. I'm still trying to figure out how the hell he did that. I used to own a trick deck of cards but I could only do 2 sets of different cards.

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That's all for today-till later..........

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