Saturday, April 23, 2005

Free food........

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I saw this article and felt bad for Wendys. Instead of a free Frosty-how come they don't give out some free chili?

Where I work, we give out samples of different sale items for our customers to try throughout the day, when I come to work, I typically pull all the sample baskets off of the counter. I don't do it because I'm a mean bastard-I do it because some of our customers are pigs and I don't have time to keep all the baskets full of stuff.

There is no reason why someone should take 6 or 7 (or more) cookies.......if you know where I work and you see me and you're hungry........just ask me for something to eat and I'll hook you up. I do love giving kids tons of cookies and donut holes whenever they ask-ya gotta have something to look forward to when your parents drag you shopping.

I've been reading alot about DRM lately.
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I hope this guy whups their asses. I know it's in France but hopefully Microsoft will grow a set of balls and introduce software for their media player that will allow you to make a copy of any movie you purchase for a back up. You can do it with music CD's, why not movies?

How cool is this? That was something a high school friend and I where going to do the summer we graduated from high school. Unfortunately he was killed in an accident in our senior year but someday I'm gonna make a trip like that and dedicate it to Scottie. I think it's neat that the guy in the article is 60 years old and following his dream..........

Over the weekend our daughter dropped her watch down the bathroom sink drain. I have a spiffy little tool that retrieved it but the elbow was damaged in the process. Didn't discover the damaged elbow until I poured about a gallon of water down the sink. Oops. Guess I get to play plumber. That oughta be interested.

A buddy of mine is having a 6 hour stress test today because they found an anomaly with his heart on his regular check up.His pop passed away at an early age from heart problems. Good luck bro. Not sure what my family history is, I know my grandfather on my dad's side was about 88 the last anyone heard from him and his sister (my great Aunt Helen) is 85. Aunt Helen has lived a very clean life, my grandfather on the other hand was your typical Irish hellraiser.............

I like cats but damn.......... are they ever stupid or what?

I like this idea. The street we live on has the same problem at times. I'd like it if they put some speed bumps in to slow the traffic down. Or maybe spike strips.

Remember the professor I blogged about a couple days ago having his laptop stolen? He was telling a few fibs. Still a shame he had his stuff swiped though.

I suppose one of the reasons I don't like rap music is that I can't understand what the hell any of the artists are saying.
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Yeah, like I'm gonna name one of my kids "G-Unit".

I wonder how many of these asshat protesters drove to the protest in SUV's????

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Doggie style............

I have to have one of these............

Hey, how come Jesus looks like a white guy?

Holy shit, Delay scares me.

This guy is an asshole. I'm proud to live in the same state with him. Oh yeah.

Sorry about no "bike stuff" in this post..........

Till later.

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Here is some bike stuff. Picture is safe but site is NWS.