Thursday, April 07, 2005


I work in a retail grocery store overnight making donuts, breads,rolls, pastries etc.... As such, I have limited contact with the general public because most everybody is sleeping when I'm working. Most of the folks that shop late at night are either shift workers, students from the local colleges, drunks looking for something to eat and another category.........extremely stupid people. I'm not sure why the dolt percentage goes way up after twelve at night but boy, it sure does where I work at.

Last night I had a lovely couple fresh out of rehab that mighta had a set of teeth between them........... shopping for..........a wedding cake. Yes, they needed a wedding cake for later today. Mmmmm, nothing like waiting to the last minute. I felt bad that I couldn't help them.

No, wait.......that's a lie........What I really wanted to do was suggest a dozen donuts and some Spaghetti-O's instead of a wedding cake but I thought they might have taken offence. Assholes.

I should get my new camera later today and I changed my mind about getting an Ipod-that's on the way as well. Now, I'm broke-I need to save up for another bike all over again.

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Anonymous said...

Why is someone an asshole for wanting a wedding cake at the last minute? Were they being rude about it?


The Donut Guy said...

Yes, they were being rude as I think they had to much to drink. I shoulda have made that more clear. That was my "fresh out of rehab" reference:-)

Most folks do not shop for a wedding cake at 2AM on the day of their wedding unless they live in Las Vegas.