Friday, April 01, 2005

RIP Terry............

Terry Schiavo finally passes away. Rest in Peace. Everybody has an opinion as to what should have been done. Know what? None of them matter now. Maybe her family can get along now. I kind of doubt it reading this though. Whatever, they all have to stay here-at least Terry is in a better place.

Maybe George Bush can "Err on the side of life" over in Iraq now. What an asshole we have for a president.

The Pope ain't doing so hot either. I'm not Catholic but it really sucks to see someone who was so full of life at one time have to suffer so much. Sometimes life ain't fair.

Reading this makes me thankful for driving a 5 year old minivan with any remotes or fancy anti-theft features. You wanna steal it? Go ahead, here's the keys.

Color photographs from World War 1.

Till later.............

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