Saturday, April 16, 2005

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I like Mike....................NOT.

My lovely wife and I finished up all our yardwork on our front yard-looks nice if I say so myself. Since our backyard is all tree-not much grows back there so that's a lot easier to take care off.

I have one of those "Wal-Mart" lawn mowers and I store it under our rear deck all winter. I never clean it, I owned it for 3 years and it starts on the first pull everytime.........maybe I oughta change the oil soon, it has the original oil still in it.

Our next door neighbor has one of those really nice Toros......he washes it down everytime he uses it and even waxes it. Mines a little dirty.

I like this site. Haven't browsed through all the articles yet but it looks interesting.

I love people like this. I deal with soccer moms like this at work. Shoot me. Please.

Yuck, this is just flat out nasty.

I need a couple of these kits for my chopper.

Nice mullet dude.
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Pay your taxes like the rest of us, asshole.

Can you believe this bimbo? Oh, yeah-gimme another cocktail. Might be a NSFW website-I can't tell, my software blocks all the banner ads.

Watch the dog in the background.

The next "big" thing from Santa Cruz. I like it but I also like the simplicity of my disc singlespeeder. Would I buy one if I had the money? Yeah, probably.........

Hamilton decision expected on Monday. Finally. If he's guilty-shame on him. If he is innocent-he oughta get an apology from somebody for putting a black mark on his career. It's no secret that I am a big fan of his-I hope this is all over with one way or the other Monday.

Sure, it's just a concept car but man, is it ever butt-ugly.

This could be a bike that out of shape Americans could ride when gas for their SUV is 5 bucks a gallon and this is the bike I'd like to ride back and forth to work. Overkill, eh?

Till later............


Anonymous said...

Your mower sounds like mine. Except mine was 17 years old and started every time on the 50th pull. I say "was" because I trashed it yesterday. I hired a gardener to come in and clean and trim everything. Looks great. Now I gotta plant stuff.


I hate yard work.

At the new house, the landscaping is gonna be completely "low water", "low maintenance". Lots of river rock, concrete, paving stones and native plants. But most of all, NO GRASS. I can't believe that home owners here all have lawns on which they throw millions of gallons of precious water. Stupid. I guess they still haven't figured out they are living IN A DESERT!

The Donut Guy said...

I live near the Susquehanna, and since this is a part of the Cheasapeake basin-everything we put into the ground eventually makes it's way to the Bay. I have neighbors that pour thousands of gallons of water into their lawns.

I like mine dry and crispy-less mowing time is more riding time:-)