Monday, April 11, 2005

More about podcasting and bike pics............

I'm not 100% proficient at the whole podcasting thing yet but there sure are lots of interesting topics out there to download. I found about 6 or 7 that concerning bicyling and advocacy-it will be fun to give them a listen at work.

I think my favorite one will be "Head Up Your Ass Headlines", of course this one has nothing to do with bikes, just 2 guys that find really weird news items. Another podcast is titled "5 Speed Cassette- it has bikes, F1, and WRC rally cars as the subjects of disscussion. I think I'm gonna kiss that guy right on the lips.............those are my favorite "non-bike" subjects of interest.

Sunday's weather was perfect for a bike ride at the local park. I used to do almost all of my rides solo a couple years ago-now the ratio of solo rides to group rides is 180 degrees different. I just enjoy the social aspect of riding about as much as the riding.

I guess that's why I failed miserably at riding my trainer this winter- it just wasn't fun. It's so much more enjoyable to head out for a ride with a bunch of friends. Sure, not evevrybody is the same skill level (I'm one of the slower guys) but it's still a great way to spend a couple hours recharging my mental batteries.

I bet Hincapie is a bit less then happy right about now. He is one of my favorite riders, I sure hope he wins one before he retires. Nobody trains harder. Even Lance.

Here's a picture gallery of all of my bikes. Bury me with my Surly please..........right after I do this. WTF?

Till later...............

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Anonymous said...

While looking at my Usage Stats I saw "Bike Riding Donut Guy." With a web site name like that I needed to investigate.

I was going to thank you for your kind words until I read the part about kissing then decided against it. ;-)

After checking out your very nice bike pictures I have to share what I ride.

91/92 Trek 2100.
Cervelo P2K
GT Pantera (no disk, still have V-brakes)

See you on the road.

And Thanks for listening!!!!

5 Speed Cassette
Alien Theater Radio