Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm PISSED...........

I inquired about the "Take Your Daughters and Sons To Work Day" last night as I was planning on taking our 11 year old to work with me. Our company doesn't support the program at "store level" Which means you can only bring your kid to work if you work in the corporate office.

That seems fair to me.................NOT. It's not like I am a brain surgeon or something where if I'm distracted somebody might die...........I make DONUTS for God sakes. Unless our son went bobbing for apples in the donut fryer, I don't see how he could get hurt. Whatever...............

Had a great ride with our club last night, had about 25 or 30 folks show up. We split up into a couple of groups according to skill level-I helped out with the "B" ride. First time out this year with the single speed- went better then I thought- I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to walk when I went to work last night. One of these days, I'm going to bring the camera along on a ride and take some pics of our local trails.

Somebody e-mailed me and lit my ass up about the picture of the mentally challenged boy in the pic I posted yesterday................get a life, okay? I'm pretty sure no one is forcing you at gunpoint to click on my site. Arguing on the internet or anywhere else for that matter is usually just a waste of time..........which was the point of the picture.

Today's pic won't make fun of mentally challenged people...................
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Let's make fun of woman drivers instead.

Let's not make too much fun though, our daughter will be getting her beginner's permit next week.

I'm sorry, but is this guy forking stupid or what? Hell, I'd stay home and collect a paycheck. No problem.

This is some scary shit. I sure hope my kids don't freeze my ass when I go teats up.

My wife went through hell with our second childs pregnancy but there ain't no way in hell would I have let her tie a sting to the boys................

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Hats off to this kid.
Somebody at Warner Bros. must be huffing crystal meth.

Think the the next Star Wars movie is gonna suck? I think the last 2 or 3 sucked.

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I have to get me one of these. I just love hitting dog turds with my lawnmower.

Till later..............


Anonymous said...

The car pic is great. Brought back a funny memory.

I was 27 living at the beach in CA in a big house with 2 buddies. Party central. Left most of my brain cells there. World class hangovers.

We were drinking Bushmills and beer one night when Dave, the oldest of the group, walked in around 11. He was drunker than I'd ever seen him. How he got home is beyond me, he could barely walk. He mumbled something about a problem with parking the only car we had, an old Ford Country Squire station wagon that someone had given us. Then he stumbled off to bed.

We walked out and found he had parked on the hill in diagonal parking and did exactly what the lady in the picture did. Busted a tie rod, and the front wheels were dangling in the air.

The best part was goofing on him the next morning. He had no memory of what had happened. Seeing it really gave his hangover a certain "je ne sait quoi". Getting it off the curb was a bitch.

The Donut Guy said...

Yeah, I actually saw someone do that once at a shopping center.

Some old geezer dropped'er into "Drive" and punched it. He hit the curb with the front wheels and the curb ended up being jammed under the rear wheels.

It was awesome:-)