Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How to wax your ass............

How To Do Stuff is a really good podcast. It's a husband and wife and one of the funniest episodes I've downloaded is the one where the wife uses bikini wax to pull all the hair off of her husband's ass. If the guys screaming was any indication of how badly it hurt-I couldn't imagine having my pubes done.

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No reason for the pic, I saw it on a fellow bloggers site and liked it.

You wanna see some bizarre automobiles? I thought the Tempo I used to own was ugly.................

Catholic Spring Break. Oh, by the way.......don't click that if you're Catholic. Definitely don't click this one either. This one will send you over the edge if you're Catholic, so don't click on it for sure.

Anybody that reads this blog interested in doing this? I think it's a good idea.

Haven't had time to post much lately mainly because I've been lazy. I will be training a newly promoted co-worker next week and I doubt I'll be posting much next week either.

I'm married. Quite happily in fact. If I was single..........Wal-Mart would be the last forkin' place I would look for a date. I'm not dropping my card into anyone's box.

Penis roller coaster. Go ahead and click on it, it's safe for work. Honest. Penis Wheelbarrow. Also safe for work. No, honest-it's 17 year old daughter reads this.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling a whole lot better about being a fat bastard now.

I spent a summer surfing and hanging out at the Jersey shore when I was a kid. If this would have happened to me...............I'm pretty sure I would have been too scared to try my luck a second time.

New bike stuff. I like this website because I like that style of riding but about 99% is beyond my capabilities. My fav bike of the article-the quad racing chair for paraplegics. That thing is cool and you just gotta have a set to strap on something like that and ride it down a downhill course.

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Gotta go..........till later.

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