Friday, November 25, 2005

30,000 page views and counting.......

Doing this blog for the past year or so has been a lot of fun for me. Granted, 30,ooo page views ain't that many in the grand scheme of things considering that there are lots of blogs out there that are way better then this one......but thanks anyways for reading it.

I had a great Thanksgiving.

No not really, I slept through everything.

Being a 3rd shift person in a 1rst shift world kinda sucks hind teat when you have family gatherings at what are normal times for normal folks but having dinner at 2 PM for a normal person is like having it at 4 in the morning for me.

Kind of hard to understand unless you work the crazy hours. I intended to take a nap before heading over to the in-laws and it turned into 8 hours of sleep. I guess I needed the sleep.


Anyways, it's about 5:30 AM Friday morning as I write this and the shoppers are out in force. I'm having a hard time getting my head around the concept of opening up your store at 5AM because you have an awesome sale going on.

Wouldn't it be just as awesome at 10 AM?

All I can say to all those folks that got up at 4 AM to go shopping today is one word........


Try it, do some research and I'll bet you can beat just about any price you'll find in a retail store. And you won't have to worry about getting run over by some distracted shopper in their 3 ton SUV.

Am I baggin' on the whole consumer "buy, buy, buy" thing? Yeah, maybe a little but how come we can't have these awesome sales all year round?

I'm a awesome person, why do I wait until December for a awesome price on something?

Hey, what do I know, I just make donuts for a living.............

Thanks for reading.


Ptelea said...

Another advantage to online shopping is that it is usually easier to get help or to shop without needing it. It seems like everytime I go into one of those giant stores full of all of that stuff, it is impossible to find a salesperson to help. It drives me crazy - maybe if they had less stuff and more help, I would buy more. Just a thought. And about customers being assholes, this past week I had a dryer repairman come to my house. He was so happy that I didn't jump all over him when he told me the cost of the repair. He said, "Are you always this mellow when someone gives you bad news?" He said people are by and large pretty mean to him. I told him I always try to be nice - simple concept!

The Old Bag said...

Wouldn't it be just as awesome at 10 AM?

Ha! Sometimes the plain easy logic is as humorous as the absurdity...thanks!